Rachel serves as the San Francisco editor for Where. She has worked in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Oxford and studied in Valparaiso, Chile and Charleston, South Carolina. She now lives in San Francisco, where she earns a living exploring the city, and is probably the only person who still checks out guidebooks from the public library. Follow her on Twitter @wanderingrachel and on Instagram @wanderingrachel.

Rachel’s Take on San Francisco: I visited San Francisco for the first time when I returned to the United States after two years abroad, and I never left. I fell in love with the thrilling views from all the hills, the storybook Victorian architecture, the proximity to the sea and mountains and the cosmopolitan spirit. Since then, I’ve discovered the city’s insatiable food and drink scene and a constant flow of new cultural experiences. And I take every opportunity to explore the surrounding region, from the vineyards and tasting rooms of Napa and Sonoma to the hiking trails and ski resorts of Lake Tahoe.

Most memorable travel experience: In college I spent a spring break traipsing around the ruins of Machu Picchu solo. Later, on a two-month backpacking trip around South America, I crossed the world’s largest salt flat in a jeep, sailed past Patagonian glaciers, trekked out of a Peruvian gorge twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and spotted anacondas and jaguar tracks in the Bolivian jungle.

Last notable trip: Amsterdam and Prague, where I braved the sub-freezing conditions to bike canals, browse holiday markets and climb watchtowers.

Place you always return to visit: New York. There’s a magic and mythology that surrounds the city in my mind. All it takes is a few notes of bluesy piano jazz, an on-point street style snap or a passage from “The Goldfinch” to transport me back.

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