Leigh formerly served as the Boston editor for Where and was the brand's Regional Editorial Director. She has spent more than three decades exploring the arts, culture and history of Boston. She has sketched live models at the MFA, chased down humpback whales at Stellwagen Bank, and explored Civil War forts by flashlight. “I get to know the place like locals do and create memories that don’t fade with the years.” Follow her on Twitter as @lahlah_land, on Instagram as @lahlah_landpix or check out her website at www.lahlah-land.com.

Leigh’s Take on Boston: I love so many things about Boston, but here’s what I love most: its history, its charm, its individuality, its intelligence and its courage.

Most memorable travel experience: Before traveling around France and Italy for a few weeks in 1999, I spent four days in Hammamet, a town 40 miles southeast of Tunis that is known for its beaches. Two friends and I booked a one-way flight from Strasbourg to Tunis in May and planned on departing by ferry to Palermo. We didn’t fact check the ferry schedule information, and by the time we figured out the ferry wouldn't be running until July it was too late. We crossed our fingers, caught a 5 am “bus” (it was a Jeep) back to the capital, then a cab to the airport, and finally a once-a-day-only flight to Rome.

A notable trip: The Outer Banks in North Carolina. From Massachusetts, it’s a 12-hour drive, and on this road trip my husband and I had our seven-week-old daughter in tow. We rented a house in Southern Shores just steps from the ocean. We drove out to Currituck Banks Reserve to see the wild horses and over to Roanoke Island to learn about the Lost Colony. We indulged in Duck Donuts every morning for breakfast. The landscape of the northern Outer Banks is serene and natural.

Place you always return to visit: Townshend, Vermont. This small New England village affords an escape from city life complete with covered bridges, state forests, farms and farmers markets. I get to shut off my phone for a week and go swim in a river or take a hike up a mountain. 

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