“A Southern hostess at heart, I love sharing all the best places, from restaurants, beaches and theme parks to one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Laura’s Take on Orlando: I’ve ridden roller coasters, a hot air balloon and an airboat, visited eight theme parks more than 50 times, tried more than 100 new restaurants and yet I haven’t even scratched the surface on everything there is to do here. I love trying craft cocktails at Orlando’s speakeasies, tasting food from around the world at Epcot and exploring the local places.

Laura’s Take on the First Coast: Amelia Island is graced with the most amazing oak trees draped in Spanish moss, Jacksonville’s quaint neighborhoods offer some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth and Ponte Vedra greets the sun each day as it comes over the Atlantic. St. Augustine feels like a European town with its brick streets, ornate towers, sidewalk cafes and Spanish cuisine.

Most memorable travel experience: New Orleans. I was blown away that a place just a few hours away could be so foreign from my hometown. The music, the art, the street performers, the riverboats, the beignets ... New Orleans made me fall in love with travel. Exploring a place is like getting to know someone, building memorable relationships that last a lifetime.

Last notable trip: Istanbul. The city was the most exotic and the most beautiful of any I have seen before. I will never forget waking at 4 am to the sound of the morning prayer from the minaret of a nearby mosque. It was so enchanting and mysterious, like a Siren’s song.

The place you always return to visit: Perdido Bay. It’s a magical place where we’re entertained for hours by dolphins, catch our own mullet and blue crabs for supper, water ski in the setting sun, and where the swinging bed on the screened porch lulls us to sleep. It’s a place, for me, where time stands still. 

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