Jennifer is a group editor at MCC Magazines, where she has worked since 2005. She grew up in small-town Michigan, and lived in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas before making her way back east to Augusta. She was the editor of Where Las Vegas for 11 years and now edits publications in St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Most memorable travel experience: My future husband and I bid on a vacation at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island at a silent auction. It was raining when we were supposed to visit the flower garden, so we visited the garden after dinner, where my husband proposed next to the turtle sculptures on the garden’s fountain. It was a whirlwind weekend, and, a couple of days later, before we returned to Vegas, we got married in Marquette, Michigan.

Last notable trip: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. It's paradise on earth! Benton's House, in Cat World, is a special place, where I met the world's most laid-back cat, a charmer named Edward, who will sit in your lap for hours if you let him. Take him overnight, and he will sleep within arm's reach. Best Friends is full of special cats like Edward. If you can't adopt, you can certainly socialize as many as possible!

Place you always return to visit: Chicago. So proud of the 2016 Cubbies! Wrigley Field was like my second home while I lived in Chicago. So many great memories, such as huddling under a blanket during opening day, but still drinking ice-cold beer. Another go-to destination: the Art Institute -- there's always something compelling to see there.

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