Tucson Adventures From Above

Get a bird's-eye view of some of Tucson's most fantastic sights via balloon air rides, helicopter rides, skydiving, mountain climbing and ziplining.

If the spirit of the desert and all its adventures have you feeling a little courageous, feed your wild side with some daring activities that will leave you with the undeniable feeling that you can take on the world—not just Tucson.

There are a variety of options to take in the desert skyline from above, including flying in helicopters and hot air balloons, ziplining, skydiving and mountain climbing. No matter your preferred method, these Tucson-area experiences will enable you to spread your wings and fly. 


If you want to stay relatively close to the ground but still high enough to get butterflies in your stomach, rock climbing is a good way to experience the glorious heights nature has to offer. Mt. Lemmon is home to some of the best rock climbing in the state, with more than 2,700 rock climbing routes, including single-pitch clip-ups and multi-pitch traditional courses.

Stay strapped in with Arizona Zipline Adventures and their Zipline EcoTour, which includes five ziplines ranging from 400 to 1,500 feet that will have you zipping across the Sonoran Desert attached to a suspended cable. The longest run is a dual line, enabling friends and family to zip across together. They also have a Moonlight and Sunset Zipline Experience that allows you to zip across the moonlit sky or feast your eyes on the vibrant colors of the desert during sunset. After a long day of gliding, grab a burger at their Peppersauce Station Kitchen. 


Reach new heights with Volare Helicopter Tours as they take you on a scenic ride over Tucson and the surrounding desert areas to sites such as Saguaro National Park, Mt. Lemmon, Picacho Peak and downtown Tucson. Book a special event on their website that includes a “Proposal Flight,” equipped with a photographer, video and Champagne.

Float above the Tucson skyline with Foolish Pleasure Hot Air Balloon Rides as they take you high in the sky at sunrise to provide an aerial view of sights above the Sonoran Desert, Tucson Mountains, Saguaro National Park West and the agricultural landscape of the Avra Valley. Afterwards, toast your experience with Champagne or sparkling cider.

The Balloon America Hot Air Balloon Rides allows riders to soar above Sabino Canyon with the Catalina Mountain Tour, which takes passengers on a three hour flight 3,000 feet above the ground as you glide by the 9,100-foot-tall Santa Catalina Mountains. A remote control is also provided to travelers on this trip, allowing a hands-free selfie taking experience. 


Maybe flying isn’t good enough for you and you’d rather go to the extreme. Try free falling out of an airplane with Skydive Arizona, located an hour outside of Tucson in Eloy. Tandem jumps are available for those who want to skydive with an experienced instructor.

There is also an indoor wind tunnel located at base camp that allows you to hone your free fall skills; great for kids, parties and family as well. Experienced skydivers can check their website for skydiving events, such as night jumps and more.