Best Tucson Restaurants for Farm-to-Table Cuisine

A taste of Tucson’s flavorful roots through farm-fresh & local fare

Locally operated farms and gardens are sprouting throughout the southern-Arizona food scene and the produce from these labor-of-love ventures can be found in a variety of restaurants around the city. Find farm-to-table ingredients in delicious dishes at these 10 locales. 

Agustin Kitchen

Situated right in front of regularly held farmers markets at Mercado San Agustín, this lunch-and-dinner restaurant serves a daily cavatelli special, often including local ingredients such as a cilantro pesto sauce, with beans and butternut squash. Produce, beef, breads and flour, olive oil and other ingredients are sourced from more than a dozen southern-Arizona farmers and artisans for Agustin Kitchen’s new-American fare. 

Pasco Kitchen & Lounge

The “urban farm”-inspired food and cocktail menu at Pasco Kitchen & Cocktails attracts a variety of foodies to its university-adjacent location. Dig into a quinoa farmers market salad with sunflower seeds, tomato, carrots, dried cranberries and avocado; or pick a heartier dish with the grass-fed and pasture-raised beef burgers. 

Zona 78

Zona 78
Zona 78 drink coasters display partnering farms (©Kimberly Gunning).

This hopping happy hour spot serves up artisan pizzas and Italian specialties at two beyond-downtown locations. Zona 78’s menu items created with locally sourced ingredients are highlighted and partnering farms have their names printed on drink coasters. 

Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails

“Urban farm boy” Janos Wilder’s most recent installation for local cuisine is Downtown Kitchen & Cocktails. While the culinary inspiration for such dishes as Moroccan braised goat and apricot sauce, Italian sausage rigatoni and Brazilian fish stew may come from miles away, ingredients from local farms are used as often as possible. 

Diablo Burger

Diablo Burger
Diablo Burger serves 100% natural, local beef (©Diablo Burger).

Locally sourced ingredients are of high priority at Diablo Burger, and the farms, artisans, bakeries and brewers are listed on a chalkboard inside the restaurant. Even the beef is all local, grass-fed, range-raised, and hormone- and antibiotic-free. Try the Cheech, topped with guacamole, pepper Jack cheese and jalapeños; or the Señor Smoke with ancho-grilled onions, grilled avocado, bacon, cilantro and Sriracha mayo inside of a “db” stamped English muffin.


The monthly changing menu capitalizes on what’s in season at Feast, and fresh herbs often come from the small garden behind the building. Flip through the book-sized wine list or wander the small wine shop within the restaurant to find a rare gem.   

Acacia Real Food & Cocktails

Acacia works with local farmers to source organic and all-natural ingredients whenever possible for its contemporary American cuisine, and the fine-dining atmosphere showcases panoramic views of the city.    

Harvest Restaurant

Harvest Restaurant
Harvest uses locally sourced ingredients, especially in its burgers (©Harvest Restaurant).

North of Tucson, Harvest takes a back-to-basics culinary approach, creating farm-fresh cuisine from scratch, such as in its poached-root vegetable salad and its almost-all-locally sourced, decadently topped burgers.