Events In Sydney

12/1/19 to 12/31/19

Fullerton Hotel Heritage Tours

When construction first began on Sydney General Post Office in 1866, it was the idea that the grand colonial building would become to Sydney what Westminster’s Houses of Parliament meant to London. Today, Sydney’s “Grand Dame” is home to The Fullerton Hotel, which has become guardian to its rich...
12/4/19 to 12/14/19

Knowledge Ground: 30 years of sixty five thousand

Bangarra, "Knowledge Ground: 30 years of sixty five thousand". Photo: Daniel Boud.

For its 30 years of existence, Australia's premier First Nations dance company, Bangarra, has been rooted in two separate worlds: ancient practices and contemporary songlines. "Knowledge Ground: 30 years of sixty five thousand" at Sydney's Carriageworks is an interactive exhibition that celebrates...

Carriageworks Christmas Market

Carriageworks Christmas Market. Photo: Jacquie Manning.

The region's best producers, designers, artists and makers come together just four days before Christmas to participate in the Carriageworks Christmas Market, a larger and more festive iteration of the weekly Sydney farmer's markets that take place in its heritage industrial grounds. The fresh...