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Archival photograph of late Indigenous activist Mum Shirley.

Mum Shirl: Black Saint of Redfern

Cooee Art Gallery
7/4/19 to 7/25/19

Although local indigenous activist Mum Shirley passed away in the late 1990s, her legacy of compassion, courage and optimism is literally painted across the city, such as in the various mural portraits that adorn street walls in Redfern. To mark 21 years since her passing, Sydney's Cooee Art Gallery is staging an exhibition in Mum Shirlʼs honour, drawing upon the rich visual record that has been left behind as a catalogue of this iconic life. “Mum Shirl: Black Saint of Redfern” is the second exhibition dedicated solely to Mum, and consists of powerful historical photographs and paintings that continue to keep her spirit alive.