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Moxy Hotels Presents Camp Moxy This Summer

Moxy Hotels brings back the nostalgic fun of summer camp with "Camp Moxy."

Summer means warm weather, vacations, and for the younger set, camp. If you’re well past the summer camp age, and one hotel company has a special treat for travelers— ”Camp Moxy.” The NYC locations in the East Village, Chelsea and Times Square each feature “special cocktails, including “The Dirty Shirley,” “The “Dirtier” Shirley,” and “The Twisted Shirley.” The downtown locations in New York and Chicago as well as Austin - University each feature the three cocktails and a “snacuterie” with nostalgic `90s bites, while the Austin location has an exclusive “Pink Screen Movie Series.” The downtown Seattle location features a special “Throwback Mixtape Thursday” series this summer. We talked to Brian Jaymont, Global Brand Leader, Moxy Hotels, about the fun summer series and what guests can expect from Summer at the Moxy

"Camp Moxy" Cocktails | WhereTraveler
"Camp Moxy" Cocktails (Courtesy Moxy Hotels)

Inside “Camp Moxy”

WT: What inspired the “Camp Moxy” theme for the summer? 
Jaymont: Nostalgia has the power to take us back to a time with memories grounded in the senses. We felt that there was no better time to throw it back to the ‘90s and give guests and locals a unique spin on the recently dubbed drink of the summer - the ‘Dirty Shirley’ - alongside some of our favorite snacks from our childhood heyday. Moxy has an unabashed approach to giving guests everything they want and nothing they don’t. This new program celebrates the best parts of the summer season: spending quality playtime with friends, beating the heat with a cold drink and raiding the snack drawer.

WT: Are there going to be any regional differences throughout the properties that feature “Camp Moxy” or anything property-specific?  
The “Camp Moxy” menu and recipes will remain consistent across the Moxy properties that are offering this new summer menu. The Moxy team thoughtfully developed each recipe and item to evoke the easy-going feeling of summer break and encourage guests to take time to play. 

WT: There are so many fun, nostalgic eats from the ’90s. Can you tell us about the selection process for the “snacuterie”?
Jaymont: When developing the ‘snacuterie’ menu, we wanted to make sure each item would give our guests a blast from the past and a selection of items that are as tasty as they are fun. We reminisced back to a time when we couldn’t live without Dunkaroos or Combos and made sure the ‘snacuterie’ items included both sweet and savory, each with a nod to the ‘90s, to satisfy the taste buds of our young at heart guests.

WT: The “Pink Screen Summer Movie Series” and the “Throwback Mixtape Thursdays” sound so fun and engaging. Can you tell us what guests can expect from them? 
Jaymont: Guests and locals visiting Moxy Austin - University can come to the hotel’s Backyard on Thursday nights for a nostalgic movie night, complete with popcorn and “Camp Moxy” cocktails and bites. The July movie screenings include “Napoleon Dynamite,” “She’s the Man,” and “Legally Blonde.” Over at Moxy Seattle Downtown, guests can expect to be transported back to their childhood through music that is perfectly paired with Moxy’s ‘90s-themed food and beverage options. 

Nostalgic Treats and Cocktails at "Camp Moxy" | WhereTraveler
Nostalgic Treats and Cocktails at "Camp Moxy" (Courtesy Moxy Hotels)