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Help Support St. Louis Restaurants and Businesses with this Cool Merchandise

Go beyond the gift cards and purchase this swag to help support local businesses.

Buying gift cards is a great way to support local St. Louis businesses. Want to go a step beyond? Score some great swag in their online stores. Read on for our favorites.


The biggest category you'll find when searching for swag is apparel. But it's not just any T-shirt or cap that catches our eye. A sense of humor is what it's all about.

Enter the "Eat Me Here or Take Me Home" tee from Hodak's family restaurant, or "I Like Pig Butts" from Pappy's Smokehouse. Wear them with pride! 

Hodak's St. Louis
T-shirt design from Hodak's (Courtesy Hodak's)

Of course, apparel from iconic St. Louis bars is also on our list; we love the offerings from the historic Pat Connolly Tavern. While on its website, take a moment to read about Pat Connolly's story. And Urban Chestnut's Underdog to the Rescue T-shirt reminds us of our childhood.

While it's not a restaurant, the Metro will get you to many. Check out the gear in its online store—we're enamored of the long-sleeved tee and the "Soul Train" T-shirt.

And who couldn't use another pair of cozy socks, especially when wearing them means sharing your love of tacos? Fuzzy's Taco Shop will hook you up.


The number of bars and breweries in St. Louis practically guarantees the number of great takeaways for your home bar. Schlafly, St. Louis' first microbrewery, offers long and short tap handles and a number of different bottle openers in the barware section of its shopping site, and also some super-fun growlers.

Over at Rockwell Beer Company, we've found some wine glasses that are out of this world. And since St. Louis is the land of Anheuser-Busch, perhaps an over-the-top beer stein is in order? This Clydesdale stein, perhaps?

The glassware selections at 4 Hands Brewing Co. are set to give our shelves some variety; we can't get enough "wallpaper can," stemless and Madagascar glasses. Here's to drinking in style!

4 Hands Brewing Co.
"Wallpaper can" glass from 4 Hands Brewing Co. (Courtesy 4 Hands Brewing Co.)

Style is the best thing aside from taste at StilL 360, where barware choices include a Glencairn tasting glass, cocktail shaker, stirring spoon and flask set. You can even buy a used 15-gallon barrel.

Speaking of barrels, you can create your own custom barrel at Naked Spirits that produces 200-230 bottles of your own special blend of rum. It's a unique way to wow when social gatherings are once again acceptable.

Sugar Fix

Who needs a chocolate fix right now? It's the perfect indulgence and much-needed snack for those 2 pm lulls. Crown Candy Kitchen currently has Easter selections, specialty chocolates and the ever-popular "broken" chocolate available. And for a seemingly never-ending selection of goodies, visit Kakao Chocolate.

Load up your cart with some of Fitz's fine crafted soda—the root beer is its signature flavor.

And if 12 months of ice cream delivered to your door sounds good to you, Clementine's is happy to oblige. Its pint of the month club is available in naughty and nice selections. 

Clementine's St. Louis
Keep the pints coming from Clementine's. (©Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery)


St. Louis coffee shops also offer subscriptions; they help keep those working from home happily caffeinated. Coma Coffee Roasters offers three- and six-month subscriptions; Sump Coffee and Kaldi's Coffee lets you choose the length of your subsciption. 

Want to mix it up a bit depending on your preferences? Among the subscription choices at Blueprint Coffee is the "pay-as-you-go" subscription, which lets you adjust your choices if you don't know what to pick (or can't decide).

A Most Unusual Find

While the nature of this piece is to feature out-of-the-ordinary merchandise, the winner for most unusual find goes to Mauhaus Cat Cafe & Lounge. In addition to social distancing T-shirts and cat paw leg socks—which will make any chair's legs look a cat's leg, the cat hats and "cat sushi" (no joke) key chains will make any cat lover chuckle, whether you're prone to wrapping your cat up like a "purrito" or not.