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19 Things to Do in St. Louis

A visual guide to outstanding experiences and destinations in the Gateway City, from the Gateway Arch to Missouri wine country.

The Gateway to the West occupies the western bank of the Mississippi River just below the spot where the Missouri River joins its mighty cousin. Founded in 1764 as a trading post, the city spent time under French and Spanish rule before the U.S. bought the Louisiana Territory in 1803. The Lewis and Clark expedition began and ended here, and countless pioneers bought equipment and supplies from St. Louis outfitters to fortify their trek to the American West.

The predominant color of St. Louis, particularly its older neighborhoods, is brick, a consequence of rich clay deposits near what is now called The Hill, the city’s storied Italian neighborhood. We have a full range of seasons: Cold in winter and hot in summer—not as cold as Minneapolis and not as hot as Houston, but close. We like to make sure everyone can enjoy our best cultural institutions, like the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Saint Louis Zoo and the Missouri History Museum, so they’re free (although you can drop plenty of cash there if you work at it). We love our symphony, second-oldest in the nation, and our botanical garden, a thing of enduring beauty in every season. We love beer, blues, the Cardinals, Chuck Berry and Tennessee Williams (who hated us, but is buried here anyway, so there).

Here's a quick look at 19 outstanding experiences and things to see in St. Louis. We hope to see you soon.