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Warm Up With 10 of St. Louis’ Best Coffee Shops

The coffee scene in St. Louis is heating up; don't miss these must-visit cafes.

In recent years, the artisanal and gourmet coffee scene in St. Louis has gained serious traction. As the temperatures drop, head to one of these 10 coffee shops to keep warm, drink some of the best coffee in the city and eat delicious food.

Park Avenue Coffee

Park Avenue serves coffee that is air-roasted in small batches to create a clean and consistent flavor. They work to buy coffee directly from the producers as well, helping to source socially conscious and environmentally friendly coffee. Park Avenue is also well known for making some of the best gooey butter cake in St. Louis, which comes in a range of flavors, from Mom’s Traditional to red velvet. Their drink menu features typical espresso drinks as well as cold brew, iced Thai coffee, smoothies, nitro cold brew, hot chocolate and Italian soda.

Breakfast sandwich at Park Avenue Coffee (Courtesy Park Avenue Coffee)

The Mud House

A standout on this list for offering a hearty and varied food menu, The Mud House is a multi-roaster cafe offering coffee from roasters around the country and inspired by the pour-over coffee shops in San Francisco. Open for breakfast and lunch, the menu includes such delights as a traditional English breakfast, shakshuka, French toast, a goat cheese sandwich, black bean chili and a pork confit sandwich. There are plenty of vegetarian options, and gluten-free bread is available too.

The Mud House (©D. Lancaster)

Sump Coffee

Created out of a desire to replicate the New York City coffee scene, Sump Coffee takes coffee very seriously. All the coffee is roasted in-house in small batches, and you won’t find a milk and sugar station here. The menu is sparse, offering brewed coffee, espresso and espresso + milk drinks, and cold brew. If your normal coffee order is more sugar and milk than it is coffee, don’t let the lack of sweet options turn you off from going here. Sump Coffee is set up this way to showcase the origin, processing and seasonality of each specific bean. And if you just can’t stomach the idea of coffee without sugar, you’ll usually find a few sweet seasonal specials too.

Foundation Grounds

Shortened to “FoGro” by locals, Foundation Grounds offers fair trade certified and direct trade coffees, with a 5-star rating from the Green Dining Alliance. They emphasize organic and local ingredients in their food, as well as offer vegetarian and vegan items. FoGro is known for their honey lavender latte, and bottomless coffee is also available. Their menu also offers tea, smoothies and fresh juices, plus a fairly large food meu with with sandwiches, quesadillas, salads and burritos.

Matcha Latte from Foundation Grounds (Courtesy Foundation Grounds)

Comet Coffee

The multi-roaster Comet Coffee cafe works to bring customers different coffees from around the country and from around the world. All coffees are hand-brewed to order to ensure the quality and freshness of each cup. The pastries available each day are also held to the same high standards. They contain local and organic ingredients, are made in small batches, and are baked fresh every morning. Make sure to stop in on a Saturday morning to try the savory “Rebel Within”—a sausage and asiago muffin with a soft-boiled egg inside.

Blueprint Coffee

Blueprint Coffee focuses on transparency in their production process—from the producers and vendors to their wholesale partners and beyond. They work to create a consistently high-quality cup of coffee through meticulous sourcing, roasting their own beans and using precise brewing techniques. Much of the coffee available is single-estate, meaning it comes from one place. Their menu features coffee, espresso and tea, as well as a limited breakfast menu.

Coma Coffee

The name of Coma Coffee comes from the first two letters of the co-owners’ names, Corbin and Macy Holtzman, and focuses on single-origin artisanal coffee in hopes of encouraging non-coffee drinkers to explore the drink. The owners focus on lighter roasts of coffee to help bring out the different nuances in flavor. The short food menu is locally sourced as much as possible, with offerings such as omelets, hash, toast, wraps and sandwiches.

Coma Coffee (©Cameron McCarty)

Rise Coffee

Rise Coffee is a people- and community-focused coffee shop that emphasizes diversity and inclusion. Their “Coffee for the People” program allows you to “pay it forward” by purchasing a drip coffee or breakfast for those who otherwise cannot afford to do so. There is a designated family area with toys and books for children and a library area for those working long hours. The shop offers hand-brewed coffee, espresso and tea, and a standout food menu featuring egg dishes, toasts, pancakes and sandwiches.

Kaldi’s Coffee

Kaldi’s Coffee specializes in sustainable sourcing and roasting. They use fully compostable or recyclable to-go packaging, recycle all of the coffee grounds from their roastery, and pay 15 percent above Fair Trade prices for their “Relationship Coffees.” With 10 locations around St. Louis, a delicious, sustainable cup of coffee is never far away; a few of their locations are even Green Dining Alliance certified. The menu at each location varies slightly, but includes coffee and espresso, smoothies, breakfast items, sandwiches, wraps and salads. Vegetarian and gluten-free options available at all locations.

Northwest Coffee
Roasting Co.

Artisan coffee roasting Northwest Coffee Roasting Co. features coffees from around the world, including varietals (coffee from one country) and blends (a combination of coffees). Their menu offers coffee, espresso, smoothies, egg dishes, soup, sandwiches and Liège waffles—a type of Belgian waffle made with caramelized sugar and dusted with powdered sugar.