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T.V. Ate Here: St. Louis Restaurants from Your Favorite Food Shows

Local eateries keep dishing it out, whether the cameras are rolling or not!

From our central location to our cherished food heritages (serious contenders in top-notch Italian food, plus innovations like iced tea, ice cream cones, toasted ravioli and more), St. Louis has a dining scene that's made it a popular stop on the itineraries of food-related TV shows. Here's an annotated menu of some of our greatest hits!

Blueberry Hill

This crowd-friendly pub/music club was featured on a fan favorite show called “Drinking Made Easy,” and it’s true that the bar here keeps servers hoppin’. The large menu of American favorites (breakfast, burgers, red beans & rice, salads, soups, chili mac and so on) makes it a great spot for groups of all sizes and ages. Throw darts, ogle the pop culture memorabilia, play pinball or enjoy a concert. 

Blueberry Hill, in The Loop
Blueberry Hill (©D. Lancaster)

Charlie Gitto’s

We’re wading into dangerous territory here in discussing origin stories, but one of the most credible claims to the invention of a local delicacy — toasted ravioli — is made here. The deep-fried, beef-stuffed morsels are delicious, as are the classic pastas, steaks and seafood dishes. 

Mama’s on the Hill

“Restaurant Impossible” featured this cozy Italian spot, and although opinions differ as to whether the place was better or worse off after reality TV “solved” its challenges, plenty of folks found out about it and keep coming back for the lasagna and chicken spedini. 

Anthonino's Taverna

When Guy Fieri stopped by to sample the Italian/Greek menu mashup here (think gyro pizza, for starters) for "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives," he could not have foreseen the transformation that's taken place since: a major remodel and expansion has turned this already beloved neighborhood spot into an elegant destination for lunch or dinner. 

Pointer’s Pizza

No matter which camera crews roll into the tiny storefront, they’re all here to capture pretty much one thing: the daunting Pointersaurus Challenge. To wit: finish a 28-inch, 10-pound+ Pointersaurus pizza in one hour, with the help of a partner. Among the rules: “napkins may not be used to absorb pizza juices.” See the beast in person at their shop.

Gooey Louie

Don't be fooled by the unassuming, hole-in-the-wall atmosphere: these folks rocked their appearance on "Food Feuds," serving varieties of their specialty (and local delicacy), gooey butter cake. It's pretty much what it sounds like...and it is so good.

Ted Drewes

It’s pretty much sacrilege to film a “St. Louis eats” episode of any foodie show and not mention the frozen custard goodness here, specifically that ultra-thick concoction knows as the concrete. Create your own flavor, or stick with the myriad signature flavors: some of our favorites are the Terra-Mizzou (chocolate and pistachios), the Cardinal Sin (tart cherries and hot fudge) and the Big Apple (a slice of apple pie blended into vanilla custard.)

Ted Drewes
Ted Drewes at his eponymous custard stand (©D. Lancaster)