New St. Louis Restaurants

Just-opened St. Louis eateries run the gamut from fast-casual to multi-course adventures

The restaurant landscape in St. Louis continues to evolve, bringing new takes on comfort food, world flavors and Korean fried chicken. Here are a few new St. Louis restaurants worthy of a visit.

Cinder House pairs James Beard Award-winner Gerard Craft with the Four Seasons Hotel for a wood-fired menu informed by South American flavors.

Chef Gerard Craft in Cinder House

Union 30 in the new Hotel Saint Louis takes comfort food to a new level with dishes like five-cheese mac and cheese, maple-seared duck and waffles and a rotating menu of smoked meats.

Union 30 in the Hotel Saint Louis

Kimchi Guys, by the talented folks at Drunken Fish, brings Korean fried chicken and fusion dishes, developed over a three-year period, to the fast-casual scene.

Korean fried chicken at Kimchi Guys in Laclede's Landing

Savage, declared the best new St. Louis restaurant of 2018 by at least one food critic, serves a tasting menu ($25, $55 or $75) of innovative small dishes like toasted yeast mousse, shaved radishes and preserved onions.

Chef Logan Ely in Savage

Elmwood, a new addition to the Maplewood restaurant scene by former Gerard Craft associates Adam Altnether and Chris Kelling, serves a progressive, eclectic menu with global flavors in a handsome space.

Crudité with ranch dressing at Elmwood

Grand Tavern, celebrity chef David Burke’s first St. Louis location, offers many of his signature items like clothesline bacon and hipster fries, plus St. Louis-only dishes, in the Angad Arts Hotel.

Grand Tavern in the Angad Arts Hotel


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