Gateway to Love: Top 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in St. Louis

Fancy dinner? Chocolates? Tattoo to immortalize your love? Check, check, check.

In honor of Valentine‘s Day, the year’s most romantic holiday, we offer these amorous suggestions (there are actually more than 10) for kindling the fires of love. Hop to it, Romeo.


Cocktail from Aya Sofia
Cocktail from Aya Sofia (©D. Lancaster)

Table for two? We’ve got some ideas: the velvet-curtained booths at downtown Ruth’s Chris, for starters; Kemoll’s, soaring high atop the Met Square building and boasting an astonishing Arch view; one of the cozy booths in the cozy dining room at Aya Sofia; within sight of the bar from anywhere in the inviting Cork Wine Bar; and, another breathtaking vantage point, in a glass jewel box above the city at 360.


Listen, it’s been working for goddesses and royalty throughout history, so why not let the humble bean do its magic on your beloved? Our burg is blessed with several top-notch chocolatiers. From Bissinger’s (centuries old and provider of confections to France's Louis XIV; we recommend taking it all in at their sexy chocolate lounge on Maryland Plaza) to Kakao (home to both classic confections and experimental yummies). 

Saint Louis Art Museum

A long walk through SLAM’s masterpiece-packed galleries presents plenty of handholding opportunities, and paintings like Bouguereau’s “Peace” offer allegories of love in a high-minded, mid-19th-century sort of way.

St. Louis Carriage Company

Bundle up for the ultimate cuddling opp: a carriage ride through the streets of downtown ($30 for 15 minutes). Take it to the next level with a Cinderella Carriage ($50 for 15 minutes). Reservations 314.621.1334. 

St. Louis Union Station

Alas, you don’t arrive here anymore on the romantic steam trains of yesteryear, but several vintage vestiges are still very much intact, including the station's inspiring Romanesque Revival building itself, and the unique Whispering Arch in the Grand Hall—stand at one end, put your beloved at the other, and send sweet nothings soaring overhead and straight into each other’s ears.

City Museum

City Museum's elaborate caves
City Museum's elaborate caves (©D. Lancaster)

Have an adventure together in the uniquely fantastic environs of City Museum, a one-of-a-kind, multi-experiential conglomeration of playground, museum, aquarium and who knows what else, equipped with enchanted caves, three-story slides and a resident circus.  The Cabin Inn turns into a nightclub Friday and Saturday nights. 

Moolah Theatre & Lounge

It’s like watching a first-run movie at home, if you have a TV the size of a parade float. Snuggle up close on comfy couches at the Moolah Theatre & Lounge with your drinks in hand and end the night at the 8-lane bowling alley.

Stone Hill Winery

The romance of the vineyards comes alive on a tour of Stone Hill Winery in picturesque Herman, Missouri, featuring the main building (circa 1869) the 165-year-old arched underground cellars, a fine-dining restaurant and a full line of award-winning wines. If you haven’t tried a norton (Missouri’s official wine grape) do yourself a favor and taste this big, bold dry red that is bursting with berry flavors that pair perfectly with red meat, barbecue, spicy fish and chocolate. 

Get a Tattoo

This one, we’d suggest, is perhaps not the item for you if this is a test weekend-away trip in your relationship. But for the committed, you could get it down in ink. From your partner’s name to special dates (or symbols, pictographs, or toons representing those items), Lauren Busiere (by appt at Ragtime Tattoo, 618.406.8803) or Amanda Pepper (by appt at Thunderdome Tattoo) might be just the gals to see. In The Loop, Iron Age Tattoo is open daily for your tattooing needs.

Stroll a Neighborhood

It is February and still winter, we know that, but nothing gets the cheeks flushed and the blood flowing like an arm-in-arm walk around one of our charming neighborhoods. From the Central West End to Maplewood to The Loop, you’ll find enough street-level boutiques, galleries, restaurants, bars, and more to make popping in for a warm-up nice and easy. Bundle up and have fun!