10 Pizzas You Have to Try in St. Louis

Pies from stuffed to Neapolitan-style, all over town

There are as many old saws about pizza as there are combinations of toppings, and they all boil down to this: you really can’t go wrong with any pizza, and there are lots of ways to go so, so right. We’ve short-listed some of our faves here, from deep-dish to cracker-thin


An upscale renovation transformed this neighborhood eatery...but no upgrades were required of the pizzas! A medium-thickness, hand-tossed crust is the base (there’s also a gluten-free option); we like the gyro and buffalo chicken varieties.   


An endorsement from the President of the U.S.? Yeah, you could do worse: ‘the best pizza he’s ever had,’ in fact, was what President Barack Obama said of his first taste of this deep-dish, cornmeal crust delicacy


A mainstay in the Soulard neighborhood, this friendly spot will serve you your choice of thin, thick or double-crust. One of our favorite veggie pies in town.  

PW Pizza

Options: that’s what we love most here. Three crust choices (original, honey wheat, gluten-free), plus vegan cheese. Build-your-own or specialties like “Creole Connection” (chorizo, shrimp, roasted jalapenos) and “Hawaii Five O” (local country ham, fresh pineapple). The choices are delicious.   

PW Pizza
PW Pizza (©D. Lancaster)


This stalwart of The Hill, a tight-knit Italian-American enclave, has been in business since 1957, and is still going strong. They do it classic St. Louis-style here, and the genius pairing here is with their “frozen fishbowl” of beer! 

Tomato-basil pizza from Rigazzi's
Tomato-basil pizza from Rigazzi's (©D. Lancaster


A small, Midwestern chain that’s an uber-family-friendly spot. Recommended: the Green Lantern (mushrooms, goat cheese, artichokes and pesto) and the Bronx Bomber (pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives). 

Black Thorn Pub

Hole-in-the-wall corner bar that accidentally serves amazing pizza: we recommend the deep dish, so you’ll get even more of the sweet-spicy, velvety sauce and ooey-gooey cheese. Caveat eater: your wait will be long. Plan on a few beers and a few video games to pass the time. 

(Now We Get Creative) Neapolitan-style

We’re running out of spots on our short list! But so many pizzas left! So, for those partial to the wood oven-charred crust typical of Naples, Italy, head to: The Good Pie; Pizzeoli; Peel Wood-Fired Pizza; and A Pizza Story.   

And For Something Different...

How about a pad Thai or chicken satay pizza? Thai Pizza has you covered. And keep the kids happy with games and ‘za at America’s Incredible Pizza Company.