Queer Fashion Brands to Support Right Now

June marks the annual celebrations for the LGBTQIA+ communities. While many in-person Pride events and parades have been canceled this year amid concerns over COVID-19, there are still lots of ways to support the queer community.Supporting the Queer Community through FashionCheck out these queer-owned fashion brands, many of which support LGBTQ+ charities and non-profits, and you’ll be sure to be looking your best for all of the virtual pride events this year.
(Courtesy Kirrin Finch)

Couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat have created a conscientious clothing company that provides menswear-inspired looks for female and non-binary bodies. Their Brooklyn-based company specializes in suiting, casual t-shirts, button-downs, and hats. Their products are made from sustainable materials in factories that promote ethical manufacturing and fair labor. They offer free shipping and returns on orders over $95 (U.S. only). 


Trans Is Beautiful is apparel with a purpose. Founder Devin-Norelle, a non-binary model, writer, and advocate is making sure that this company donates to help the trans community. The proceeds from everything from t-shirts to pins go to help with everyday living expenses, hormones, and gender marker changes on IDs and passports.

(Courtesy Automic Gold)

Wives Al and Kiera (they/them) are revolutionizing jewelry and making it, in their own words, “racially inclusive.” Automic Gold jewelry is intentionally not branded as unisex. Instead, they’re meant to be a fashion statement that bends the ideas of what is feminine, masculine, and everything in between. Their pieces are simply designed and perfect for everyday wear. Every item in their collection is available in plus sizes (currently, the only fine jewelry brand in the world to do so).


Stuzo Clothing has been providing gender-free apparel for a decade. Their fashion line runs the gamut of tops, bottoms, hats, and accessories (including face masks) that are meant for all bodies and all forms. Their website proudly states, “clothes don’t have any organs last time we checked,” and they firmly support any shape in which their patrons choose to exist. They’ve even been worn by the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith, Ruby Rose, and Spike Lee.  

(©Gender Jelly)

Founder Haily Marzullo, after having trouble finding swimwear that made her comfortable, set out to create a genderless swimwear line that didn’t exclude anyone. Humankind Swim has gotten rid of the gendered way of thinking about swimwear and offers simple, sporty options for all bodies. Select from sports bra-style tops, swim shirts, and trunk-style bottoms to create a look that’s comfortable for you. The purchase of an “essential set” currently includes a 25% discount and free pride swag.

(Courtesy No Sesso)

In 2019, No Sesso became the first transgender-owned fashion line to grace the New York Fashion Week schedule. One of the founders, Pierre Davis, seeks to have more Black queer designers represented and included in mainstream fashion. The 2020 line is reported to be handcrafted and based on the founders’ artisanal roots in thrift stores and upcycled fashion. No Sesso means “no sex/no gender” in Italian.

(Courtesy Black Queer Magic)

Black Queer Magic was formed by a self-taught jewelry artist and social worker, Vanessa Miller. Her stylings are full of large, colorful stones with bold settings. Every piece in her collection from rings to studs is crafted to intentionally uplift and advocate for the Black LGBTQ+ community. Portions of her sales go directly to non-profits and other groups that assist Black LGBTQ+ people. 

(Courtesy Pyramid Seven)

Mashable named Pyramid Seven “one of 30 innovations that made 2017 a better place.” They provide leak-resistant boxer briefs that are designed for periods instead of gender. Before Zipporah Jarmon created Pyramid Seven, there was a huge disparity in underwear created for menstruators. There simply weren’t options for those who don’t identify as female or prefer not to wear feminine undergarments. The underwear has an interior pocket to secure pads or liners for extra protection.