A Foodie Tour of Pike Place

Discover delicious food finds and souvenirs at the legendary Pike Place. 

This famous bustling marketplace is one of the highlights of any trip to Seattle! While the entire city of Seattle is a hotbed of foodie finds in the Pacific Northwest, the Pike Place historic district is home to a wide range of foodie finds for every palate in addition to the famous Pike Place fish market, Post Alley and the Public Market sign.

Surrounded by great food and shopping options, it's the perfect place to meet up with friends or set aside time to explore. Bring your appetite and an open mind as you tour Seattle's range of culinary arts.

Five Fantastic Eats at Pike Place

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight's authentic and affordable Turkish cuisine will surely bring delight to your day with its fresh-made pastries and comforting entrees. Regulars swear by the lentil soup and lamb stew. For those with a sweet tooth, the baklava and namesake Turkish Delight will hit the spot. The namesake gelatinous treat is available in a variety of flavors, from orange and peach to pistachio and rose, perfect for taking home or munching as you wander. 

Turkish Delight Seattle | WhereTraveler
Turkish Delight Counter Assortment (Courtesy Jen L.)

Pike Place Chowder

If you only make it to one place on this list, make it Pike Place Chowder. Though chowder originates on the North East coast, the famous small-batch versions served here are considered "America's #1 Chowder," with versions containing crab, scallops, salmon and oysters.

Even vegans can get in on the goodness with a Lime and Coconut version that is also gluten-free. A bowl is the best choice for warming up on any of Seattle's many rainy days. The menu also has seafood rolls for warmer weather. 

Sampler at Pike Place Chowder Seattle | WhereTraveler
Sampler at Pike Place Chowder

Shug's Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Classic meets modern at Shug's, an old-school style soda fountain with small-batch ice creams, house-made syrups, and over-the-top sundaes. Sip something delicious from their menu of sodas, bubbles and coffees, or indulge your sugar cravings with a scoop or a shake. Adults can even order one of their innovative ice cream cocktails like the Vive La Champagne Bottle Float with sorbet and Amarena cherries. 

Prosecco Float at Shug's Soda Fountain + Ice Cream Seattle | WhereTraveler
Prosecco Float at Shug's Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Biscuit Bitch

Get a taste of the south in your mouth at Biscuit Bitch, with a variety of fresh-made biscuits, available topped with gravy or stacked into sandwiches, served with a side of attitude.

If the cheeky name didn't give it away, this might not be the spot to bring Grandma, but if you bring an open mind, you'll get a kick out of trying their spicy Smokin' Hot Bitch (served with hot links and jalapenos) or a customized Bitchwich sandwich. There's also locally-made coffee to go with your order and take-home biscuit options to bake up at home. 

Smokin' Hot Bitch at Biscuit Bitch Seattle | WhereTraveler
Smokin' Hot Bitch at Biscuit Bitch 

Piroshky Piroshky

If you don't know the edible joy that is a piroshky, get yourself to Piroshky Piroshky to find out fast. These boat-shaped buns are an Eastern European dish filled with sweet or savory fillings, similar to a type of hand pie. The scratch-made pastries here are served warm from the oven and stuffed with combos like Beef & Onion, and Smoked Salmon Pate.

Round out your dining experience with some take-away goodies like frozen borscht or pierogies to enjoy at home later.

Ham, Cheese and Spinach Piroshky Seattle | WhereTraveler
Ham, Cheese and Spinach Piroshky (Courtesy Shao-Lon Y.)