The Videos to Watch Before Planning Your Trip to Sao Paulo

Follow these travel vloggers as they wander through street markets, explore the parks and delve into the Sao Paulo art scene.

Sao Paulo can be intimidating. The city is enormous, the most populous on its continent, and for any traveler, getting a handle on a city with over 11 million people can be daunting. To be quite direct, a week there will only begin to scratch the surface of this city. Fortunately, there are thousands of bloggers, photographers, videographers, writers, and reviewers scratching away at this dense city.

To get you started, as you plan your trip to Sao Paulo and list out things to do in this city, we've pulled together four of the best videos that travel vloggers have created. Consider this the short list of short flicks every traveler should watch before heading to Sao Paulo:

Learn from the locals:

Join Brazilian journalist and editor Gustavo Abreu of as he provides the local look into this wonderful city.  Munch on a motradella sadwich at the city market, see the local parks and explore the arts scene in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Sao Paulo.  

Know before you go:

If you want to learn about Sao Paulo's rise on the world stage you've got to check out this mini documentary.  Recently dubbed an "Alpha Global City," Sao Paulo bolsters a growing economy and population along with a premier arts scene and stunning architecture—and this video covers all of that.

The seasons of Sao Paulo:

Check in with the folks at Howcast as they discuss the best times of year to travel to Sao Paulo and how to save money. Here's the summary: Your best bet is to visit in January and Febuary while also avoiding major holidays. But as with any destination, check the weather!

Sao Paulo in 48 hrs:

As an experienced video blogger Gareth Leonard knows how to get around. Tag along with Gareth for 48 action-packed hours in South America's biggest city.  Visit Mercado Municipal (the citys biggest market), see the famous street art and even try some sushi.  Sao Paulo has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan and exploring that culture can be a great vacation within a vacation.