San Francisco's Top Craft Beer Destinations

San Francisco has attracted a diversity of brewers since 1847—two years before the gold rush—when its first commercial brewery opened. The “steam beer” style long associated with San Francisco became popular during this time, and was produced by numerous local breweries. In the 1960s, Anchor Steam Brewing Company reinvented the steam beer style (also known as the California Common), sparking the country’s modern craft beer movement.

Today, the city is home to an ever-growing number of craft breweries, bottle shops and beer halls, offering just about any style of beer you can think of, and many you’ve likely never heard of before. The San Francisco Brewers Guild, which was formed in 2004, represents 32 local breweries today, and organizes a series of annual events, including Meet the Brewers, Brews on the Bay and SF Beer Week, which features an expanding lineup of more than 100 Northern California breweries each year.