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Meet a Husband-and-Wife Winemaking Duo on the Rise

For Ryme Cellars in Sonoma, the couple that makes wine together stays together.

Everything about Forestville-based Ryme Cellars represents the partnership between Ryan and Megan Glaab, the two winemaker owners who also happen to be husband and wife.

The most obvious example of this is the winery name, which is a mashup of the first two letters of Ryan and Megan. More subtle examples are the wines themselves, since they generally comprise Italian varietals for which both Glaabs share a passion.

Megan and Ryan Glaabs at their winery
Megan and Ryan Glaabs at their winery (Courtesy Ryme Cellars)

Even when Ryan and Megan quibble, they celebrate their philosophical differences with panache. Back in 2010, the couple could not agree on how to approach still Vermentino, so instead they made two—a “his” and “hers” version. Ryan’s take is big and bold, and is considered an “orange” wine because of the color it assumes due to contact with the skins. Megan’s is light is drinkable. This one-of-a-kind approach was so popular with customers, Ryme continues to make two versions of the wine every year.

“The way we look at wine, there’s no point in making it if you can’t have fun,” Megan says.

For wine geeks, “fun” often means doing interesting things with interesting grapes. This explains why the Glaabs ferment a Cabernet Franc in a ceramic amphora. It also explains why their current offerings include a petulant natural-style Vermentino they call “crackling,” Aglianico and Aglianico Passito, Ribolla Gialla, and a Carignane (among others).

The Glaabs source their grapes from conscientiously farmed organic or sustainable vineyards.
The Glaabs source their grapes from conscientiously farmed organic or sustainable vineyards. (Courtesy Ryme Cellars)

In all, Ryme produces roughly 2,500 cases each year.

Though the Glaabs don’t own vineyard land (yet), Ryan notes all their grapes come from conscientiously farmed organic or sustainable vineyards, and that the wines are produced according to simple methods.

“We want each of our wines to be the best representation of the grapes and where they’re from,” he says. “We use no cultured yeast, no temperature control, no enzymes and no other adulterants. We also don’t fine or filter.”

The Glaabs aren’t only about making wine; they prioritize giving back, too.

Last year, they launched a sister wine label that donates all proceeds to causes that align with their values. This second label, Uphold, produced 2,000 cases of white, red and rose and raised serious coin for nonprofits including Earthjustice, She Should Run and the ACLU. Both Megan and Ryan expected to expand production—and charity—in the years ahead.

Ryme Cellars, 6450 1st St., Forestville. 707.820.8121 Tastings: $20.