Mordecai Historic Park

Mordecai Historic Park, once the site of the largest plantation in Wake County, is home to The Mordecai House, the oldest house in Raleigh on its original location. Tour the 1785 house to learn about the lives and character of its inhabitants. In the summer, the recreated 19-century garden—based on Ellen Mordecai’s memoir and letters—is a pleasure to wander through. 

Other historic structures in the park include a log cabin where President Andrew Johnson was born in 1795, and 19th-century buildings that include a cure barn, overseer’s office, the Allen Kitchen, the Badger Iredell Law Office and St. Mark's Chapel.

The Allen Kitchen was moved to Mordecai Historic Park from Anson County, N.C., and is representative of the original Mordecai kitchen. (Courtesy City of Raleigh)

St. Mark's Chapel (Courtesy City of Raleigh)


1 Mimosa St.
Raleigh, NC 27604
United States