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Where Pass London Set to Revolutionize Sightseeing and City Travel

Where Pass London

A world-first, Where Pass London is paving the way for modern travel with the introduction of a convenient and simple visitor pass incorporating sightseeing, travel and shopping on one contactless Visa debit card and suitable for the whole family. One of the most visited cities in the world, London offers several top-class attractions and experiences to a wide demographic of travellers; and a vast array of things to see and do is complemented by an extensive public transport network that makes getting around the city simple, safe and affordable.

The United Kingdom has also been one of the first countries to roll out contactless transacting technology that allows consumers with a U.K. bank account to make purchases with their bank cards simply by tapping them against a credit/debit card payment machine that supports contactless functionality. Where Pass London is the first travel product in the world that makes this technology available to foreign travellers who are not only in search of a secure and simple currency exchange solution, but unlimited travel too. London’s transport operator, Transport for London (TfL), accepts contactless payments across its entire network, which means Where Pass London customers can use their contactless Visa debit card to tap in and out of all the public transport systems, including the world-famous London Underground.

Where Pass London’s most exciting feature, however, has to be its digital platform. An interactive, content-rich website allows travellers to take control of their holiday and build their own London sightseeing adventure, all with the click of a button. Before travelling to London they may customise their own Where Pass and itinerary on the website and have the option of either receiving it in the post, or collecting it when they arrive in London. If travellers choose to have their passes delivered to them, they may instantly use the contactless function on all transport from airport to city destination and back again.

Coca-Cola London Eye

Selecting from an impressive list of big attractions and experiences, travellers may book fast track tickets and pay an exclusive discounted rate for each one before travelling, mitigating long queues and payments in sterling when they arrive. Once their itinerary of things to see and do has been built online, the website will calculate the maximum daily travel spend for each holidaymaker based on the location of their accommodation and add it to the final cost of their pass. Doing so gives travellers instant peace of mind that they can move around the city as much as they would like while in the city, not having to worry about topping up, paper tickets or managing cash.

With sightseeing and travel solved, it would be a shame for Where Pass London to exclude the city’s scrumptious retail and dining offerings. But fear not! Travellers may add additional funds to their Where Pass contactless Visa debit card, paying only one upfront exchange fee for their entire trip. They may also use it anywhere Visa credit/debit cards are accepted and top it up with more funds should they run low during their trip. Furthermore, carrying a Where Pass gives them exclusive access to a host of retail and dining offers across the city featured on the website, allowing them to save even more.

Where Pass London is working with some of the biggest and best, including the likes of the Coca-Cola London Eye, Wembley Stadium, The London Helicopter, The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour and ZSL London Zoo, to name a few. It is also offering exclusive savings on Thames Clipper and City Cruises river services, M&M’s World London, Bella Italia and Airportr luggage concierge.

Part of an international product offering, alternative versions of Where Pass are also available for travellers to Paris (www.wherepassparis.com) and Berlin (www.wherepassberlin.com).

If you’d like to experience London’s great sights and enjoy the peace of mind of unlimited travel and limited queues, build your own holiday with Where Pass London. Visit www.wherepasslondon.com.