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Morris Visitor Publications Announces South African acquisition

For release: 15 August 2014 

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA—Morris Visitor Publications (Pty) Ltd, wholly owned by Morris Visitor Publications, a leading publisher of visitor magazines, maps and guides for the international and domestic leisure and corporate travel markets, announced today that it has acquired Brochure Management South Africa.

Chris Manning, Managing Director of MVP in Europe for the last 10 years, says: “Further to our announcement a few days ago of registering Morris Visitor Publications (Pty) Ltd in South Africa, we are very pleased to reveal our first major acquisition in the market. For some time now, we have viewed South Africa as a natural fit for our global business and this is a major strategic opportunity for us to enter the Southern African sub-continent—and hit the ground running.”

Brochure Management was established in Cape Town in 1995 and today has a network of 19 independently owned franchises distributing tourism information to over 6,500 destinations countrywide. A world-class operating system ensures clients receive detailed information on the distribution, movement and replenishment of their brochures at their selected display sites. The franchise network and number of sites ensures there is flexibility in display options to suit every budget and marketing strategy.

Paul Vos, Managing Director of Morris Visitor Publications (Pty) Ltd in sub-Saharan Africa, says: “MVP understands the visitor market better than any other global tourism media company so their investment in Brochure Management represents a major sign of faith in the South African economy and the local visitor market.”

A selection of MVP’s European print portfolio can be seen at MVP’s European brochure display businesses include: Dinamix Media in Berlin (; France Brochure System in Paris (; and Sabel Italia in Milan (

According to Vos, brochures are a vital part of the tourism marketing mix, speaking directly to customers at the critical point where they are making a buying decision. Research has found that over half the people who take brochures report that the brochures have influenced their purchase or plans, in some cases influencing people to change their plans while travelling. Vos concludes, “Brochures form a critical part of an integrated marketing strategy and are an extremely cost-effective and high impact advertising solution.”

About Morris Visitor Publications

Morris Visitor Publications (MVP) is a subsidiary of Morris Communications Company LLC, Augusta, Georgia, USA. MVP is the premier global travel content and publishing company. Under its flagship brand Where®, Morris Visitor Publications publishes more than 100 million magazines, maps and guides annually in over 70 destinations on four continents around the world. MVP’s unique print, digital and brochure display platforms provide travelers with the essential information and insider insights they need to experience the best of their chosen destination. 

About Morris Communications Company

Morris Communications Company, LLC is part of a privately held media company in Augusta, Georgia USA. Morris’ diversified holdings include daily newspapers, non-daily and free community press, radio broadcasting, magazines, visitor (travel & tourism) and special interest publications, book publishing, cable television, digital, broadband and telephone services.