Video: Explore Southeast Asia's Nusa Penida

Joey Baeten's beautiful video explores a lush paradise and the videographer shares tips on exploring the island.

As a travel videographer who's spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia, there's one thing in particular Joey Baeten has seen a lot of: stunning beaches.  

He's been to the Maldives, throughout Vietnam, all across Thailand and much more and his recent visit to Nusa Penida takes the cake. 

Nusa Penida is the largest of three islands off of the southeastern coast of Bali. The island features great access to dive sites and hiking, but what drew Joey and his traveling companions was Kelingking Beach. The clear blue water and lush mountains that surround the beach make for jaw-dropping beauty. 

What inspired the trip to Nusa Penida?

I'd heard of this place a couple of months ago. I saw pictures of Nusa Penida’s amazing Kelingking Beach on Instagram and talked to a fellow traveler who had been there. He told me that it’s a true gem and that if I had the chance I should definitely visit. So when I came back in Indonesia I knew one thing for sure; I was going to visit Nusa Penida.

Did its beauty exceed your expectations?

It totally did. I have been on many islands in Southeast Asia and lots of them are stunning. But Nusa Penida’s huge and breathtaking cliffs are just one of a kind and make this island very special. 

How did you spend your time there?

I rented a motorbike for three days and drove around—on the sometimes very bad roads—all over the island. I visited the most popular spots on Nusa Penida and have been shooting videos and capturing photos of these very interesting places.

What would you suggest other visitors do who travel there? 

Make sure you visit Kelingking Beach. Although climbing the path down to the beach is quite tough and steep, it is totally worth it. The views from there are absolutely stunning. There are more places on the island that are definitely worth visiting, such as Gayangan, Atuh Beach and Angel’s Bilabong. Rent a motorbike and drive around yourself or choose for a private driver who drives you around the whole day.