These 6 Videos Will Help You Pack Like a Pro

Learn how to pack your suitcase in the most efficient ways possible with these video tips.

We all know the feeling of trying to stuff one more item we may or may not need into our suitcase before pushing down the top and hoping the zipper doesn't burst as we fight to get it closed. Well, fret no more. With these helpful tips, you'll be on your way to packing like a pro in no time. These videos cover everything you need to know to make packing more convenient and efficient.

From Start to Finish With Heathrow Airport:

This is a great video that covers packing from start to finish. I particularly like the idea of using a dry cleaner bag to help create more space.

Packing Cubes:

Packing cubes are a wonderful tool to help organize your belongings and save you time upon arrival. Travel expert Sonia Gil shows just how to use these nifty items. Packing cubes are also great when traveling with children: Pack each child's clothes into their own cube and hand them out when you get to your room. The cubes Sonia features in this video can be found at Zappos, but there are lots of vendors and shops where you can pick these up.  


With more than 17 million frequent flyer miles to his credit, Randy Peterson knows his stuff when it comes to packing. Randy shares his packing expertise in this video, including ideas like packing your bag the same way for each trip.  One of Randy's best tips makes TSA checkpoints easier: Keeping things like toiletries and electronics in the same location every time makes them easier to find when it comes to your pre-flight screening.

Avoiding Wrinkles With a Military Roll:

Learn how to avoid wrinkles during packing by trying this technique called a "military roll." You'll also save more space.

Other Wrinkle-Free Techniques with Sonia:

Whether on your face or on your clothes, nobody likes wrinkles. Sonia is back with different packing methods to see what's the best way to keep those wrinkles away. One of the tips? Placing tissue paper and a plastic bag between all creases (although time-consuming) seems to be one of the most effective way to eliminated wrinkles when you retrieve your clothes—but she has other, faster options for those of you in a hurry.

This, That and More:

This video from Better Homes and Gardens offers some good info on not only how to pack your bag, but also what you need to consider before making your packing list. It may sound obvious but always check the weather in the place you are traveling to before you pack. Los Angeles may be famous for sunny skies but did you actually check the weather to see if you need to bring a raincoat?