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Summer Fashions & Fun at Scottsdale Quarter

This retail center has swimsuit shops, a splash pad and a place to get your hair re-fluffed.

Ocean waves spell havoc for a hairdo, so perhaps it’s good that “it’s a desert out here.” Still, fashion-conscious women, inspired by the kiddies playing in the fountain at Scottsdale Quarter, could pop into on-site swimsuit shops—Beach Bunny, SwimSpot, Diane’s Beachwear—and throw a little caution to the wind for once. And in case the unthinkable should happen, note that there’s also a blow-dry salon at the shopping center: Drybar.

Scottsdale Quarter splash pad
Splash pad in the SQ courtyard (©Al Payne)

Drybar to the rescue! (©Drybar)