VIP Your Way Through Disneyland Paris

Get the VIP treatment at the Happiest Place on Earth thanks to Disney's "Angels"

Visiting Paris with children makes a trip to Disneyland a must, and the Happiest Place on Earth does not disappoint—its magical atmosphere grabs you right from the moment you set foot through its gates, the soft tunes of your favourite shows guiding you in.

Disneyland is not just a wonderful rendezvous for children to meet all their favourite characters, it is also a fun-filled destination with light-hearted rides and more daring attractions for the older kids. Teens can give themselves the fright of their lives and step into the Tower of Terror, while younger visitors are invited to take a seat in more subdued rides such as Ratatouille, which takes them through a Parisian restaurant as seen through the eyes of a cheeky rat.

The highlight of a day spent in Disneyland is of course the Disney Illuminations show, where Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is used as the backdrop to a wonderful light-and-sound extravaganza that sees all your children’s favourite characters projected on the castle before a colourful fireworks display. Disney’s biggest musical hits, including Frozen’s "Let It Go" bring it all to a fabulous end.

And the best way to experience Disney? Stay at the Disneyland Hotel. Located at the park's entrance, you do not have to waste a moment getting to and from the park, making the most of your day or weekend. Boasting three restaurants, an indoor pool and themed rooms including the Tinker Bell Suite, it will be difficult not to feel like a child who just stepped into a fairytale. 

The smart way to spend your day at Disney is to get a Fastpass so you can glide ahead when the queues lengthen. The ingenious way to experience Disney, though, is to get your very helpful concierge to organise a VIP Guide. These Disney "angels" will magically give you access to reserved areas, and most wonderfully, get you privileged access to the attractions, meaning standing in queues is a thing of the past.