Paris in a Bottle: 3 Spots to Buy Classic French Perfumes

Find the perfect scent to savor Paris long after your trip is over

Paris conjures up so many images of culture and fashion but one of the things I love about this city is its smells, especially that of French perfumes. Fragonard, the famous perfume house, which makes all its perfumes in the south of France in the little town of Grasse, is a favourite. Romantically naming each collection with names like Belle de Nuit (Beautiful Night) and Juste un Baiser (Just a Kiss), Fragonard’s perfumes are enough to love for their names, and with a plethora of different notes, it is easy to find a perfect scent for any mood.

Diptyque is also a go-to house for me when looking to buy gifts for friends back home. While I do love its popular Figuier (Fig Tree) candle that burns for hours, its new L’Eau du Trente-Quatre perfume is just so refreshing. With notes of fig, honey and blackcurrant leaves, this new scent is like smelling a bouquet of spring, and named after Diptyque’s first store makes it the perfect Parisian souvenir.

Diptyque's offerings, from sprays to candles, are quintessential French scents. (Courtesy Diptyque)

While French brand Durance does make perfumes, for both men and women, my favourite scent from this house is from its home collection. The Biscuit home spray is like a dessert in a bottle, sweet with a hint of spice and so gourmande you’ll want to eat it. 

A home spray so delightful, you won't need a reason to use it (Courtesy Durance)


Where to find them:

  • Fragonard, 203 rue Saint-Honoré (1st), 01 47 03 07 07
  • Diptyque, 34 blvd Saint-Germain (5th), 01 43 26 77 44
  • Durance, 37 rue Saint Louis en Ile (4th), 01 43 25 31 96