Best time to go to Orlando, FL, Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios

How to avoid the crowds and get the most of your visit to Orlando, Fla.

A few weeks ago the family went on vacation to Orlando Florida, where we visited Sea World, Universal Studio’s and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Yes, it’s the happiest place on Earth and Islands of Adventure is great and Shamu and friends are neat, but I have to admit a part of me was dreading the trip a little bit.

Most of you know what I mean, you’re looking forward to the trip in general, but there are those things that you aren’t looking forward to either. In this case it was the weather and long lines, especially with two children under five. The waiting for hours in the hot sun to get on a ride that lasts maybe a minute can be torturous. You’re baking, your feet start to hurt, you’re worried your deodorant is going to fail while to try to stay upwind from the guys who’s deodorant already has. It can be a nightmare.

Long story short, the trip turned out to be our best vacation ever. For the entire week, at ALL the parks, we never waited in a line for more than 15 minutes and the weather was great. After talking to a some locals we discovered a few things and I figured I’d pass them along so you can plan for what we happily stumbled upon.

Best times of the year to go are the end of April (when we went) after Spring Breaks are done. January and early February, and fall months also are light on the crowds. These times of the year are also mild as far as weather goes.

In addition, here are a few other tips that may help you out while you're on vacation.

  1. Easy Pass tickets. Getting the Easy Pass ticket allows you to jump ahead in line. So in case there is a line that is exceedingly long, Easy Pass it and just come back after hitting the rides with the shorter lines.
  2. Check the rules on what you can/can’t bring into the parks before you get there. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but we saw plenty of people that didn’t do that and they either had to throw stuff away, store it in a locker or go back to their cars.
  3. Pay the few extra bucks for closer parking. If you have things to lug around in the parks, the closer parking is worth it, especially after a 9 hour day and you have to lug it all back to the car.
  4. There are things to do outside of parks. We went to Medieval Times and had a blast. Great thing here was a few hours of entertainment while we sat and ate.
  5. Check the rates for the different seasons. With a little work, you can often find a fairly decent deal, more so if you’re flexible on certain things. One good link for Disney is

Well I hope some of this provided you with at least a little help on how to make your trip to the various Orlando, FL parks even more magical.