Choosing the Best Water Bottle for Your Orlando Vacation

Staying hydrated during your Central Florida trip is a snap with this impressive lineup of water bottles, ranging from high -tech to high fashion.

Drinking enough water daily is one of the easiest ways to maintain good health. There are lots of reasons to reach for your water bottle over another beverage option. Staying on top of water consumption throughout the day can help fight fatigue and a false sense of hunger that actually comes from dehydration. Drinks other than water are also notorious for packing in liquid calories, which can promote weight gain.

Travel can make it difficult to get your daily dose, however. Security lines at airports that don’t allow water through checkpoints pose a problem, of course, and it can also be daunting to drink enough when you’re unsure of your next pitstop.

While the jury is still out on just exactly how much water we should consume daily, eight, eight-ounce glasses remains a good rule of thumb, even while traveling, and the right water bottle can help you with that goal. Whether you prefer collapsible for ease of packing, or high-tech to keep you on track, here are some of our favorite water bottles to take along on your next adventure. 

Perfect for Packing: Collapsible Options

If you’re worried about space in your carry on, or you’re trying to eliminate weight in your backpack during a day in the parks, collapsible water bottles are lightweight, convenient, and take up less space than conventional models. Here are some of our favorites.

Nomader. At first glance, you may not even realize that the Nomader water bottle is collapsible. The silicone bottle stands rigid, even when empty. But with a few quick moves, the rollable bottle becomes a fraction of its full size, and secures with an attached strap, so it stays stowed away until you need it. The bottle holds 740 millilitres, is both freezable and heat-resistant, and features a hinged cap that keeps the mouthpiece covered to ward off germs.

Nomader Water Bottle
(Courtesy Nomader)

Hydaway. With a super fun design that appeals to young and old alike, Hydaway collapses flat, which means you’ll never need to spare space to haul around “empties.” The dishwasher-safe bottle comes in two sizes and an array of colors, and is leakproof. The latest version even features a filter, which means that you can refill from that Florida water fountain with abandon.

Hydaway Water Bottle
(Courtesy Hydaway)

HydraPak. We love the Hydrapak because it's extra-light weight and the fact that its generous one-litre capacity means that you’ll need to refill less. The wide mouth allows for adding ice easily and makes cleaning a snap. It's also leak-proof and fits most back-country filters, so it will be perfect for traveling to the wilds of Central Florida—and beyond.

Hydrapak Water Bottle
(Courtesy Hydrapak Water Bottle)

Style in Spades and #LoyaltoLocal

Corkcicle. Are you the belle of the ball, always the most fashion-forward member of your circle? Then why should your water bottle mean a step in the wrong direction? Enter Corkcicle, where “fashion meets frozen.” With a stylish array of vessels, including drinkware, barware, and the cutest coolers you’ve ever seen, you’ll be the envy of every amusement park queue as you stay cool as a cucumber. Even more awesome? Corkcicle is based in Orlando, and carries a full line of canteens and bottles covered in whimsical Rifle Paper Co. patterns, so you’ll uber represent the local vibe.

Corkcicle Canteen in Rifle Paper Co. Print
(Courtesy Corkcicle)

The triple-walled construction ensures that your cold stays cold, without the annoying condensation that you often experience with insulated bottles. And best of all: five percent of your purchase price is donated to charity: water, helping to provide clean water to people in need.

High Tech Hydration

Hidrate Spark. Do you struggle to meet your daily water intake—or worse, do you lose track? Then the hi-tech Hidrate Spark might be the right fit for you. The bottle, available in a striking array of colors, actually links to your smartphone, via a free app, and helps you to stay on top of your water consumption throughout the day. How? A sensor embedded within the bottle actually tracks every ounce you drink! The sensor will also sync with many common fitness apps, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, if you’d prefer to use your existing system.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle
(Courtesy Hidrate Spark)

And as a bonus, the bottle itself will remind you to drink by glowing. And with a longlasting, replaceable battery, the bottle promises to quench your thirst for ages to come.

Hydrate on the Go 

UltrAspire. For those who are serious about hydration, but who can’t be bothered with slowing down long enough to refill, UltrAspire is the answer. With a collection of wearable vessels which include vests and belts, getting your daily intake is as easy as sipping through a straw. The garments also include lots of pockets and zippers that are perfect for stowing everything from energy bars to earbuds. And yes, we know that systems like this are typically used for endurance races. But seriously, have you been to an Orlando themepark in July?

UltrAspire Backpack
(Courtesy UltrAspire)

Because we challenge you to find a road race that takes more endurance than battling crowds and Florida heat at the height of the visitor season. Anyone who takes this challenge deserves a medal in our book!