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How to Enjoy Disneyland After Dark

The Disneyland After Dark events are the perfect way to enjoy the parks.

Now that the parks are really in full swing and character greetings have returned, there's never been a better time to enjoy the special events at Disneyland. The Disneyland After Dark events are an especially fun way to visit the parks with smaller crowds and fun themes for the whole family. Here are five of our tips for making the most of the night! 

Galaxy's Edge at Night Anaheim | WhereTraveler
Galaxy's Edge at Night (©Rod Long)

Five Disneyland After Dark Tips

Have a game plan.

It's nearly impossible to see, do and eat everything at a Disneyland After Dark event. The park will be quieter; however, because everyone is there for the same things, certain areas will be quite busy. You will likely have to choose what's most important—food, merchandise or photos. Have a list of the priority things you want to check out to avoid disappointment!

Get your mobile orders in early.

If there are special food items you'd like to try, make sure to put in your mobile orders as soon as possible. The exclusive food and beverage items will typically sell out, and even if they don't, pick-up times will get later and later. To ensure you're able to eat at normal-ish hours, place your orders quickly. 

Blue Milk: Mon Cala Swirl at Galaxy's Edge | WhereTraveler
Blue Milk: Mon Cala Swirl at Galaxy's Edge (©Melanie Lee)

Dress accordingly.

The After Dark events often have more lenient costume rules for adults than a typical theme park day—during Star Wars Nite, we saw numerous Togruta and Twi'leks roaming the parks complete with body paint. Take advantage of the opportunity to dress up for those photo ops! Make sure to check the rules first—for instance, you can't show up in a full Darth Vader suit; but a Luke Skywalker Disneybound is totally doable.

Expect long lines.

This is especially true for numerous merchandise opportunities. If you're a collector and hoping for some exclusive items to take home, do your shopping early! Photo ops will often have long lines, too, since many of the characters you'll see aren't typically in the parks (Star Wars Nite brought out Tuskens, Jawas and characters From some of the animated shows). Be on the lookout for some of the Fab Five in special outfits too!

Enjoy yourself.

Seeing a quiet Main Street USA and getting those photos of the castle with fewer people crowding the front is a special opportunity. Even if you don't get to eat/see/do everything, make the most of your visit and enjoy the magic as much as you can! 

Star Wars Nite 2022 Lanyards Disneyland | WhereTraveler
Star Wars Nite 2022 Lanyards (©Melanie Lee)