Things to Do on Oahu: Watersports Adventures

With Oahu’s year-round warm weather and 227 miles of coastline, the ocean is one of the best (and coolest) ways to spend your vacation. With many Oahu shorelines topping best-beach lists, just wading in the clear, turquoise waters is a calming and visually stunning way to unwind.

But, if adventures in the Pacific tops your Oahu bucket list, there’s nearly an endless amount of things to do to entertaining yourself off-land. Explore underwater marine life snorkeling at Hanauma Bay or scuba dive through deep ocean water and float through the islands south side.

Above water, learn to do yoga on a stand-up paddleboard or sail high above water on a parasail or take a sunset cruise around Waikiki Beach. With so much to explore in and below the water, Oahu offers the perfect water-borne adventure for anyone to enjoy.