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Valeria Micropigmentation

 Valeria Micropigmentation

We are a society that values aesthetic composition and perfection of beauty. This pursuit is evident in various areas in which we seek and portray a divine form, waiting to be admired and emulated. The advent of multiple social media platforms as a mode of instant communication created a vast blank canvas, and beauty influencers have painted the pictures. We want the full lips and dramatic eyebrows and an empowering presence that exudes what is strong and beautiful.

While looking for the ideal in our faces and bodies, a deeper perspective can sometimes be missed. This is where Valeria Micropigmentation, in New York City, combines the artistry of restored beauty with the skillful hands of the artist. Valeria, the namesake of this center of aesthetic services, has taken her talent as an artist to rebuild the physical beauty of her clients and renew feelings of confidence and self-esteem.  Procedure at Valeria Micropigmentation New York | WhereTraveler

With her penetrating eyes and serene smile, Valeria recalls finding her passion in a career that uses the latest in aesthetic technology to fill in the gaps (sometimes quite literally) women and men want to improve. As a former model, Valeria was surrounded by the world of beauty in all its glorious perfection. Procedure at Valeria Micropigmentation New York | WhereTraveler

Rather than resting on those laurels, Valeria sought to bring her artistic talents, knowledge of beauty aspirations, and a dedicated entrepreneurial vision in creating her flagship establishment, Valeria Micropigmentation. 

“I regard it as my mission and pleasure in helping people to rebuild their self-esteem and a positive self-image.” 

While Valeria focused on these goals, she created a safe space for both women and men to access the very personal services that enhance, transform, and restore. She emphasizes that her procedures are a “natural solution to a visible problem. 

Valeria Micropigmentation procedures include:

Microblading for the Eyebrows

We are often bombarded with images of women with thick, lustrous eyebrows. This look can be simply and quickly achieved with the long-lasting effect of microblading. Think of it as an eyebrow tattoo that defines shape and color. Valeria uses the latest painless machine techniques for a natural Ombre effect. Microblading For the Eyebrows at Valeria Micropigmentation New York | WhereTraveler

Lip Blushing Tattoo

Valeria knows that lips are for smiling and kissing. Her lip blush procedure inserts a hypoallergenic pigment into the upper skin layer of the lip, producing a well-defined, natural lip blush. Lip Blushing Tattoo at Valeria Micropigmentation New York | WhereTraveler

Areola Restoration

The crown jewel of Valeria’s services, areola restoration, is a life-affirming procedure for breast cancer survivors and people who have other scarring or pigmentation issues. Scarring, trauma, and recuperation from this disease can have long-lasting detrimental effects. Micropigmentation (including a 3d effect) to the nipple and areola can restore shape and color, thereby helping to accelerate the emotional healing process.  

Skin and Scar Camouflage

Imperfections like discoloration and scarring cause people to hide behind clothing, head coverings, and make-up. Scar camouflage tattooing, with its process of inserting pigments into the upper layer of the dermis, addresses issues like post-surgery scars, burns, vitiligo, and stretch marks, is the perfect solution to transform imperfection into something to be revealed rather than hidden. Skin and Scar Camouflage at Valeria Micropigmentation New York | WhereTraveler

Micropigmentation for the Scalp

People with hair loss can feel a sense of restoration when the pigment is inserted into the scalp or hairline using fine needles to create the appearance of follicles and stimulate hair growth.   

Left: Micropigmentation For the Scalp; Right: Skin and Scar Camouflage at Valeria Micropigmentation New York | WhereTraveler
Left: Micropigmentation For the Scalp; Right: Skin and Scar Camouflage

While we all may tend to be mesmerized by the people whose beauty we want to copy and access the services of Valeria, Micropigmentation is a way to achieve some of those beauty goals; Valeria’s vision of success is extends beyond the physical.

Of course, her work focuses on the external utilizing her skills in microblading and micropigmentation. She uses the latest in technology and high-quality products and ensures that her clients receive and enjoy natural results.

But Valeria also ventures into the deeper meaning her services provide. She knows that her clients don’t want to just restore what is on the outside. They want to recapture parts of their beauty that not only reinvigorates their appearance but also reignites their sense of self-love. A confident person, happy with their appearance, exudes a natural radiance both inside and out.   

Valeria says it best when describing what she gives to her clients- “daily perfection without daily effort.” And it shows with each client, Valeria transforms. “I believe that people deserve to look beautiful and feel confident. I sincerely hope I can help you.”


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