NYC Travelers' Gift Guide

Here’s a special gift for every type of traveler, from the tech-savvy to the fashion-forward.

With the gift-giving season upon us, there is no better time to get that special something that every traveler would love. So, whether hitting the stores in the Big Apple or just surfing from the couch in those favorite PJs,  take a gander at these gift ideas that are sure to please.  


Ultrathin Laptop

Acer Swift 7

At two and a half pounds and less than half an inch thick, the Acer Swift 7 is a digital nomad’s best friend. $1,100. Acer, 800.910.2237

Men's Travel Accessories

Cole Haan

The guy on the go can toss this trio of travel accessories from Cole Haan into a carry-on. Shoe horn, $50; valet tray, $100; passport case, $80. Cole Haan, 620 Fifth Ave., New York, 212.765.9747

Kid's Cabin Hooded Scarf


Roots combines a hat and scarf into an ultrawarm garment for kids on holiday in cold climates. $32. Roots, 228 Elizabeth St., New York, 646.833.7417

World Map Cuff

Saks Fifth Avenue

Liv Ballard’s Capvt Mvndi Cuff puts the world on your wrist in 18-karat gold with diamonds. $55,000. Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., New York, 212.753.4000

Instant Camera

Lomography Gallery Store

Instagram comes to life with the Lomo’Instant Automat, ideal for travelers who snap destination images and demand immediate prints. $149. Lomography Gallery Store, 41 W. 8th St., New York, 212.529.4353

Artisanal Watchband


Charitable brand TOMS has a friendship bracelet-style watchband for tech-savvy travelers who can’t leave home without their Apple Watch. $75. TOMS, 264 Elizabeth St., New York, 212.219.8392

Wireless Smart Projector

Best Buy

Movie buffs can project their favorite flicks from Netflix and other apps on the road with the ZTE Spro 2 Smart DLP projector. $500. Best Buy, 1880 Broadway, New York, 212.246.9734

Canned Cocktail


Hochstadter’s Slow & Low 84-proof Rock & Rye cocktail will pass through airport security. $4. Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit, 5 W. 19th St., New York, 212.929.2323

Black Silk Eye Mask


Frequent-flying femmes catch some Z’s on red-eye flights with this luxe eye mask from Slip. $39. Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., New York, 212.753.4000

Sport Essentials Small Grip Bag


This Reebok bag serves a dual purpose for athletic travelers, taking them from the gym to the airport in style. $26. Reebok FitHib, 1 Union Square W., New York, 212.206.7641