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New York's Best Candy Stores

Even if you are traveling, you can still make out like a trick-or-treater at these city sweet shops!

Looking for some exceptional NYC sweets to bring home to your little ones, or simply a traveler with a sweet tooth? Check out these top candy stores in the Big Apple.


Think of this as Sugar 2.0. Papabubble’s molten-sugar hard candies are cooked n-house by artists trained by master craftsmen. Choose from any of the original flavors and mixes, including the multilayered Lime+Salt+Chile candies, the Mango Chile Pepper Pubbles, seasonal options such as the Jack-O-Lantern lollipop, or fruity offerings like lemon, lime or orange.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

A New York staple and the brain child of Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan, this candy store carries more than 7,000 candies in every color and flavor imaginable. Along with the vast selection of chocolates, gummies, hard candies, lollipops, jelly beans, old-school brands such as Airheads, Smarties and Pop Rocks, Dylan’s also sells candy-themed apparel, cosmetics, pillows, bags and an assortment of other fun souvenirs.

Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan's Candy Bar (©Silveira Neto/Flickr, Creative Commons)


Chocolat Moderne

Joan Coukos’ award winning, hand-crafted chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, promising delectable, preservative-free bars and bite-sized bonbons. Offerings include dark chocolate covered cherries with vodka-infused syrup, the moderne espresso bar with little nuggets of toffee, various boxes of truffles and unique drinking chocolates.

Liddabit Sweets

Caramel lovers can fulfill their hearts’ desires with any of Liddabit Sweets’ unique chewables. The over-21 crowd can enjoy individually wrapped caramels containing Brooklyn Brewery’s Brown Ale and East India Pale Ale with bits of crunchy pretzel mixed in, and the really sophisticated eaters can opt for the box of dried fig and ricotta caramels with a drizzling of balsamic vinegar.

Schmidt's Candy

If you’re day-tripping out to Woodhaven, Queens, make sure to make a pit-stop at Schmidt’s Candy. Since 1925, this family-owned business has been serving hand-made chocolate confections, truffles, caramels and fudge. And, like any sweet shop worth its salt, Schmidt’s also has glass jars of licorice, Swedish Fish, gummy bears and other classic candies perched on the counter, awaiting eager buyers.


For chocolates too pretty to eat, visit the MarieBelle boutique in Soho. Made from Criollo cacao beans and infused with fresh, locally grown ingredients including berries and fruits in addition to exotic flavors from around the world, each chocolate is crafted by hand and beautifully packaged. The store also sells pure hot chocolate, teas in the signature blue tin and a collection of gift boxes.

MarieBelle (©Clemson/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Li-Lac Chocolates

Manhattan’s oldest chocolate shop sells chocolate sculptures shaped like pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, witches and other spooky icons. The 92-year-old shop also sells freshly made chocolates, caramels, almond bark, chocolate covered fruits—including orange slices, strawberries and cherries—marzipan and other confections to buy in bulk.


The California-based sweet shop has opened its first New York City store. The little shop in the Time Warner Center will sell Sugarfina favorites such as champagne-infused gummy bears imported from Germany, licorice cubes from Holland, handmade peanut butter toffee and absinthe-flavored chocolate cordials.

Voila Chocolates

Get in on the candy-making action and create your own confections at this Upper West Side cafe, shop and chocolate workshop. In an hour or less, you can get a taste of chocolatiering and partake in a full on chocolate experience. Choose from one of the nine options including truffles, bark, mendiants and chocolate lollipops, pick out the ingredients, and voila! you’ll have a box of unique goodies made by (and for) you.