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New York City’s Most Stylish Department Stores

Shop until you drop at these fabulous stores!

The holiday season is almost here, which means that it’s time to start shopping! If you’re looking for some clothes from the latest designer or the perfect gift to touch up someone’s house, New York City has you covered.

New York City’s Most Stylish Department Stores

New York City's department stores are some of the biggest and best in the state, and they offer a variety of items you can give during the holidays. Once you step inside one, you’ll never want to leave. In fact, you’ll want to make an entire day out of your visit!


Macy’s has always been a defining part of the holidays in New York City. This Herald Square store knows how to ring in the season, from the Thanksgiving Day Parade to visiting Santa inside. Once you see the celebration on the outside, you’ll want to check out what’s inside as well. The first floor of Macy’s is a home goods wonderland, where you’ll find the latest appliance or decor that will make your home stand out. As you work your way up through their ten floors, you’ll find clothes from some of the hottest brands and even restaurants for a quick bite on the go. If you’re looking for some extra help in buying, ask one of their personal stylists. They’ll know just what you need to make sure you’re living in style. 

Macy's Herald Square New York | WhereTraveler
Macy's Herald Square (Courtesy Macy's Inc.)

Pearl River Mart

One department store in the city that’s smaller in scale is Pearl River Mart. This store in SoHo is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has called several areas of the city home over the years. Most of their items are Asian-inspired, including their clothes, home goods and gifts. They even sell Asian-inspired food like bao, kimbap and lava cakes. Pearl River Mart has long been a New York City staple, and they love to share their story with others. If you’re looking for a gift with the perfect blend of culture and beauty, you’ll find it in this unique store. 

(Courtesy Pearl River Mart) New York | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Pearl River Mart) 

Saks Fifth Avenue

If there’s one department store that’s all about style, it’s Saks Fifth Avenue. This store in the Diamond District will ensure that you find the latest and most fabulous designs in all types of clothing. There are even entire floors dedicated to a specific item such as shoes and beauty products. You can try every item on in their numerous dressing suites, or you can leave with a new look after being styled in one of their salons. Saks will make you stay for more thanks to the French restaurant on the ninth floor, adding a perfect touch of culture to your afternoon. Be sure to visit the store during the holidays so you can check out their brilliant snowflake display hanging outside! 

Saks Fifth Avenue New York | WhereTraveler
Saks Fifth Avenue (©Thom Bradley)


One of the newest department stores in New York City can be found in the Financial District. Leez is all about making sure customers feel beautiful and live in luxury. Many items of clothing that they sell come from the store’s brand, so you’ll be treated to unique, one-of-a-kind styles when you step inside. You’ll also find beauty products, home goods and even the latest tech and toys for the kids! Leez’s commitment to style goes beyond shopping, as they also host fashion shows and wellness classes to keep you living comfortably every day. 

Clothes From Leez New York | WhereTraveler
Clothes From Leez (Courtesy Leez)

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman has become a New York City hotspot at its location near Central Park East. It was dubbed a city landmark in 1901 and continues to be a famous department store to this day. The first floor holds the most stylish handbags and jewelry, and you can find more popular brands on its upper floors. They have shoe salons, designer collections and even bridal collections, so you’ll always find just what you’re looking for on each floor. You can even walk out with a brand new style if you step into Salon Yoshiko on the ninth floor. If you go to Bergdorf Goodman in the afternoon, go to one of their two lunch restaurants for a quick bite to add the finishing touch to your visit. 

Bergdorf Goodman's New York | WhereTraveler
Bergdorf Goodman's (©Lerone Pieters)


Another New York City staple when it comes to department stores is Bloomingdale’s. This Upper East Side store is devoted to the customer and will ensure you have the best experience the moment you step inside. You can find styles from popular brands like Gucci, Dior and Prada waiting for you among its floors. Most of all, Bloomingdale’s can personalize the store experience for every guest that walks in. They have stylists, tailors, and even a photo studio inside that will make sure you leave with exactly what you’re looking to find. If you’d like to stay awhile, you can eat at one of their several restaurants like Daikanyama or Studio 59. 

Shopping in New York | WhereTraveler
Shopping in New York (Tagger Yancey IV/NYC & Company)