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Booty Alert: Where Dylan Walsh, of Thursday Boot Co., Shoe Shops in NYC

Get ready for a new kind of boot, thanks to Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson.

Like most entrepreneurs Nolan Walsh, the co-founder of Thursday Boot Company, found inspiration out of necessity.

“When my co-founder Connor [Wilson] and I were in Columbia Business School and looking to buy boots, we noticed a classic Goldilocks problem,” says Walsh. “Leather boots in stores were either too clunky or too delicate, and it was nearly impossible to find ones that were affordable, well-made, waterproof and ethically sourced.”

So, Walsh and Wilson began making boots for themselves and their friends, running the e-commerce passion project out of a small office in NYC, before opening a showroom in the Flatiron District. “It’s a casual, fun environment: People can get a sneak preview of unreleased models and actually purchase products,” says Walsh. Thursday Boot sells styles for men and women, and rolls out versatile designs that can go from morning to evening and sunshine to rain because, according to Walsh, “In New York, you never know what the day is going to bring.”

We couldn't help but wonder, after all that, where Nolan Walsh likes to shop around the city for items other than boots. Walsh offered up that Goose Barnacle is a favorite of his for its “eclectic mix.” The men’s boutique is known for stocking sharp-looking clothes and accessories that range from casual weekend jeans to meeting-ready button-downs. Extra Butter is where Walsh goes for designer sneakers and top-notch customer service. And Outdoor Voices produces ethically made athletic clothing in breathable materials for men and women of all shapes and fitness levels.