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Betty of Bergdorf’s

Betty Halbreich of Bergdorf Goodman releases her new memoir I'll Drink to That.

Betty Halbreich is the undisputed doyenne of New York’s personal shoppers. Some say she invented the job. For 38 of her 86 years, she has been with Bergdorf Goodman, where every day is a challenge. “I’m dealing with women, aren’t I?” she told us in her endearingly no-nonsense voice—the same voice that makes her new memoir, I’ll Drink to That (Penguin Press, 2014), this season’s must-read. “Don’t be intimidated by the largeness of the store,” she advises anyone visiting Bergdorf’s for the first time. “And don’t feel compelled to buy. This is your shopping experience, and it should be FUN.”