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No matter what reason you have for working out, it can be difficult finding a great facility while on vacation. Breaking a routine can be frustrating, especially if you try to fit regular exercise or aerobic activity into your daily schedule. The benefits of exercise are fantastic for physical and mental health and if you're looking for a great workout in NYC, you're in luck. There are plenty of options to help you feel great.

Class Pass Gyms & Studios in New York City

A variety of health and wellness facilities are available in New York via Class Pass. Whether you want to try a new, trendy class or just want to check out the fitness scene in New York, here are some excellent classes to help you maintain your routine, get your heart rate up or just feel less sluggish after too many bites of the Big Apple or big bagel or big pizza. Well, you get it.

Pure Barre

A full-body workout at Pure Barre is just what you need to give you more energy on your New York City trip. "Pure Reform" is a full-body barre workout that reshapes and targets the body's major muscle groups through resistance-based strength training. The high-intensity, low-impact exercises aim to strengthen both the body and mind. There are four group classes.

Try the "Pure Empower" class before heading out for a day in the city. The 45-minute class uses dynamic movements with ankle weights to get your heart pumping and will leave you feeling invigorated for the entire day. 

Barre Workout | WhereTraveler
Barre Workout (©Alexandra Tran)


Barry’s offers unique high-intensity interval workout programs that combine 25 minutes of cardio training and 25 minutes of weight training. Each class takes place in a dimly lit room where participants will be able to focus entirely on motivational direction from instructors and burn those calories from the delicious food you've been eating on your trip.

The instructors cheer you on if you need that extra push, and let's face it, a workout on vacation may need a "you're doing great" shout-out to keep you going. Each class is said to increase lean body mass and raise metabolic rates up to 15%. 

Barry's Studio | WhereTraveler
Barry's Studio (Courtesy Barry's)

bode NYC

New York's original hot yoga studio offers the "Original Hot Yoga" series in 60, 75 and 90-minute sessions. The class at bode NYC begins and ends with static breathing exercises and 26 yoga postures in between. All levels of experience are welcome. Build your upper body strength in the “Hot Vinyasa Flow" class which focuses on fluid movements. Burn some calories in their signature HIIT class designed to target the core with a combination of high-intensity, low-impact workouts.

Yoga | WhereTraveler
Yoga (©Jade Stephens)


Bodyrok offers hybrid pilates training with a 40-minute full-body session on their custom BODYROK reformer. The pilates-inspired session involves various sequence exercises designed to give participants more energy and increase metabolism. An energy boost is just what you need to keep you partying like a rockstar in the city that never sleeps.


Get the blood flowing and the heart racing in a weightlifting session at Liftonic. It may be the perfect class to jumpstart your day. In this weight training studio, you will use weights on a bench combined with core and full-body movements through medium to low repetitions. Various classes target specific muscle groups, such as the "Lower Body & Butt" class and the "Chest, Shoulders & Abs" session. The workouts are suited for all fitness levels, and different weight options are available depending on your comfort level. 

Weights | WhereTraveler
Weights (©Victor Freitas)


Get your sass on while burning calories at SassClass. The women’s empowerment dance studio has sessions using their signature dance styles like "Fierce Feminine Hip Hop," "Sexy Stilettos," and "Neo-Burlesque." Unleash your fierceness in the high-energy dance sessions, which will feel more like a party with the girls rather than a workout.

Gotham Gym

Gotham Gym is located in the West Village. Models Bella and Gigi Hadid have worked out here documenting their experiences on Instagram. The gym has boxing classes for all fitness levels, cross-fit workouts, yoga classes and one on one personal training sessions. Expect to do push-ups, jump squats and burpees with cardio intervals for an intense, fat-burning workout. 

Boxing | WhereTraveler
Boxing (©Amelia Bartlett)

David Orsini Fitness

David Orsini Fitness combines the Eastern spiritual of karate and Western exercise to help participants lose weight, build strength, and learn self-defense. Sharpen your balance and coordination in a fun, interactive group Martial Arts class or try resistance training to increase strength and endurance.