Exciting Nightclubs in New York City

Party all night at these energetic nightclubs.

New York City is known as "the city that never sleeps," thanks to all the fun still going on at night. When you see the bright city lights and hear the music bouncing from inside, you know a great party is happening. The best place to find this type of fun is at one of NYC’s many nightclubs. Each offers a unique theme, DJs with great beats and drinks that flow all night long.

The city of New York wants to go above and beyond your average nightlife scene, so step inside and see what kind of fun is waiting for you in the Big Apple.

Nightlife in New York City

Avant Gardner

One of the most well-known nightclubs is Avant Gardner, thanks to its larger-than-life size. This club in East Williamsburg comprises multiple venues combined into one space that takes up an entire city block! The massive space offers plenty of room to explore the entertainment and food in every corner, from the rooftop "Brooklyn Mirage” to the “Great Hall” warehouse space.

Avant Gardner is a popular spot for some of the most well-known DJs to perform, as artists like Alesso and David Guetta are names that are part of their lineup. If you need a bite to take with you while you dance, stop into their food court for some gluten-free snacks like burgers, chicken sandwiches or pizza. With all the space you can think of for dancing and dining, Avant Gardner is the best place to be on a weekend night. 

Avant Gardner New York | WhereTraveler
Avant Gardner (©Bryan Kwon for Avant Gardner)

Paradise Club

While Brooklyn is the main borough to visit for nightclubs, you'll find some in Manhattan. One of them is Paradise Club in Times Square. This club is a part of the New York EDITION Hotel, but you don't need to be a guest to stop in on the weekends. It's the perfect blend of a modern nightclub atmosphere and classic New York City-style, thanks to its plush bar seats, old-fashioned paintings and disco ball spinning from the ceiling.

Each night is home to a different party with a theme, and you'll be greeted with a new DJ spinning tunes that will have you on your feet. Michelin-starred chef John Fraser creates the food and drinks, so you'll find only the best waiting for you here. Paradise Club is the Big Apple nightclub experience you've been waiting for, thanks to the combination of Times Square's energy and Studio 54's style.


House of Yes

While many nightclubs tend to stick with DJs and dancing, House of Yes offers much more. This nightclub in Bushwick goes beyond a typical music venue. Here, you'll find any and every type of creative act you can imagine. It's home to circus performances, dance parties, and variety shows that keep the fun going all night long.

The venue bursting with color in every corner you step into, and you might even see an aerialist or two swinging high above you! House of Yes is all about creative expression, having fun and being your best self, so it's the perfect place to let yourself go and be the party animal you want to be. "No" isn't in their vocabulary, so step inside this exciting paradise for a night that you'll never forget. 

House of Yes New York | WhereTraveler
House of Yes (©Kenny Rodriguez)


One of the more recent Brooklyn nightclubs offers more than one floor of all-night parties and music. Elsewhere has been creating nighttime fun for Bushwick visitors since 2017, and you can find all of it throughout their three levels. There are DJs creating the latest dance mixes wherever you go, be it ground level or the rooftop filled with color.

The DJs take pride in being a place for radical and underground music to thrive, so it's a great place to rock on and get creative. However, any genre of music is welcome to perform there, making it the perfect spot to be yourself. The best time to visit Elsewhere is on Halloween, its anniversary date. You'll find a massive Halloween party thrown inside every year, so step inside and see what's waiting for you elsewhere.

Hotel Chantelle

For a taste of some French chic with your evening, visit Hotel Chantelle on the Lower East Side. This venue is more than a nightclub, as it also offers daytime options. It's best known for its French-style brunch that you can enjoy on the rooftop, but the real fun begins at night. They offer multiple events throughout the evening that will have you dancing in your seat with a drink in hand.

You can treat yourself to a "Concert Under the Stars," live jazz performers and DJ booths on every floor, adding the perfect Parisian touch to your nightclub experience. Enjoy some classic entrees created by chef Seth Levine during the night, such as braised short rib or steak au poivre. Top it off with one of their specialty cocktails, and you'll have a nightclub experience with a touch of French glamour. 

Nightclub Atmosphere | WhereTraveler
Nightclub Atmosphere (©Krys Amon)

The Sultan Room

If you’re looking for a more intimate nightclub to visit, head to The Sultan Room in Bushwick. This smaller venue offers a taste of Turkey with your standard nightclub, thanks to the decor and menu options. While the theme may be Turkish, the artists you'll find there come from various cultures and genres. It's an excellent place for new performers to share their sound with the world, as many events celebrate album and LP releases.

Before you stay for the music, visit The Turk's Inn attached to the club for a taste of Mediterranean dishes you can share with your party. You might be one of the first people to experience the next big hit when spending an evening at The Sultan Room!