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America is Open for International Travel Once Again

Now that the United States has a reopening date, here are some fantastic destinations!

On November 8, the United States began allowing fully vaccinated visitors to enter the country for non-essential travel once more after a lengthy travel ban due to COVID-19. Now that international travelers can return, they may be overwhelmed by the variety of fantastic destinations in our beautiful country. Here are some suggestions!

New York City

New York City is a fantastic destination any time of the year. In the winter, you can enjoy holiday markets, cold-weather comfort foods, twinkling lights, and so much more. Spring is perfect for visiting the cherry blossoms and walks in Central Park. In the summer, there are numerous family-friendly activities for everyone (and trips to Coney Island are extra special). Fall brings various festivals along with stunning changing leaves. Many attractions and museums are open year-round, Broadway brings some of the best theatrical performances globally, and the dining in NYC is on a level of its own. You also can't beat those fantastic rooftop bars and skyscraper views!

New York City (©Emiliano Bar Khe) | WhereTraveler
New York City (©Emiliano Bar Khe) 

Las Vegas

Don't let the "Sin City" nickname fool you—there are plenty of family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas too. If you're traveling with the whole gang, be sure to check out the various shows, rides and exhibits perfect for kids of all ages. There are various risque shows (along with some famous male and female revues), upscale dining options, and lots of shopping to be had for more grown-up fun. Night owls rejoice—we've got some fantastic after-hours choices for you too. If you're into sports, be sure to check out games at T-Mobile Arena and Allegiant Stadium. These spots are also just a couple of the fantastic entertainment venue options for headliners of all kinds. And foodies shouldn't miss the world-class dining in Las Vegas (and some excellent late-night options)—make sure to venture off the Strip for even more amazing eats!  

Las Vegas (©Julian Paefgen) | WhereTraveler
Las Vegas (©Julian Paefgen)


Chicago is perfect for travelers of all kinds. If you're looking to make a getaway with the girls (or the guys), there are plenty of dining options and activities for everyone in your crew. There are numerous places for sports fans and lots of shopping for some serious retail therapy. Chicago is also a fantastic foodie city—you'll find whatever you're craving here, whether it's brunchtacos or craft cocktailsArt and culture lovers will find plenty to do in Chicago, too and make sure you take in the incredible views at the stunning rooftop bars

Chicago (©Sawyer Bengtson) | WhereTraveler
Chicago (©Sawyer Bengtson)


History buffs and seafood fanatics already know why Boston is such a fantastic travel destination. The city has a wonderful cocktail scene and is a perfect hub for numerous day trips around the New England coast (like the fall favorite, Salem and other leaf-peeping opportunities). Boson is also highly family-friendly and a great destination if you're hoping to knock out some educational activities too. Don't worry, shoppers; there's plenty for you to do here too. If you're not particularly fond of seafood, never fear. Boston has so many dining options; you're sure to find something to suit your palate. The city is stunning in the fall, but outdoor options are available to enjoy year-round, including some nearby skiing spots for winter. 

Boston (©Mark Olsen) | WhereTraveler
Boston (©Mark Olsen)

Washington D.C. 

Our nation's capital is a significant destination in itself. With a wide variety of museums (the Smithsonian collection itself would take days to explore), monuments, memorials and exhibits, we promise you won't be bored. Washington D.C. has something for everyone from luxury lovers to outdoor enthusiasts and everyone in between, including literary aficionados and spy fans. If you're looking to explore around the city, there are numerous road trip itineraries to be had as well. And of course, we didn't forget our foodies. Washington D.C. is not just our nation's capital; it's one of America's foodie capitals as well. 

Washington D.C. (©Andy Feliciotti) | WhereTraveler
Washington D.C. (©Andy Feliciotti)

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is on just about every travel bucket list, and it's no wonder. Apart from being home to Hollywood and so many amazing sights, Los Angeles is a perfect starting hub for nearby destinations like San DiegoJoshua Tree and Orange County. Make sure to dedicate plenty of time to explore Los Angeles itself; there are options for every different kind of traveler. Those in search of some luxury relaxation can check out the multitude of spasMuseum buffs can take their pick in downtown Los Angeles. Foodies have miles and miles of gastronomic explorations. Be sure to visit one of the city's rooftop bars for some amazing sunsets (and spectacular views when the smog clears). If you're looking for some adventure, Costa Mesa to the south has numerous options for Eatcations of all kinds. 

Los Angeles (©Jake Blucker) | WhereTraveler
Los Angeles (©Jake Blucker)


Home to the busiest airport on the planet, Atlanta is a bustling foodie city filled with history and excitement. From hot dogs to fried chicken and fantastic ice cream, you'll find some of the best foods here. Atlanta has an amazing cocktail scene, some of the best female chefs in the country and is also home to several historic distilleries. Are you bringing your furry friend along on your travels? Have no fear—Atlanta is also extremely pet-friendly. If you love exploring the great outdoors or you're in search of a budget-friendly vacation, you'll find numerous options in Atlanta as well. Not just a hub for air travel, Atlanta is also a fantastic starting point (and a very budget-friendly flight option compared to other southern cities) for numerous road trip destinations like Savannah

Atlanta (©Christopher Alvarenga) | WhereTraveler
Atlanta (©Christopher Alvarenga)


The truly historic city of Philadelphia is a fantastic getaway for friends and family. Home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and numerous other significant landmarks, there's more to this city than just its history. Those in search of a budget-friendly weekend will find plenty of things to do (and eat) in Philadelphia, while luxury lovers will be equally thrilled with the variety of upscale locations. Foodies will love the food halls and numerous dining locations around the city, and sports fans also have their share of activities. Short on time? We've got some great itineraries for busy travelers, along with two drives that cover nature, history and a little something for the shopaholics. Whatever your travel style, make sure to try some of these quintessentially Philly foods before you head home. 

Philadelphia (©Charl Folscher) | WhereTraveler
Philadelphia (©Charl Folscher)