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Our Favorite Places to Get Pizza in NYC

Grab a slice of hot pie at these dynamite pizza parlours around New York City.

The editors of Where New York pick their personal pizza faves: 

• Lois Levine loves PN Wood Fired Pizza with pizzas made with organic flours and ancient grains. All the pies are individual, and have that “yummy, bubbly, slightly-burnt crust, which I love,” she enthused. “I flipped over the bufalina; artichoke puree, speck, buffalo mozzarella and baby spinach while my friend raved about the Sole del Sud, with mascarpone, semi-dried tomatoes, basil, capers and marjoram. Even though it’s a hearty amount of pizza, you just don’t get that leaden feeling afterwards—it really must be something about the dough.” 

She works the meal off afterward with a stroll up to Macy’s

Bufalina pizza at PN Wood-Fired Pizza, New York, New York
The bufalina pizza at PN Wood Fired Pizza. (©Jason Greenspan)

• Francis Lewis’ go-to is the paper-thin crunchy crust at Vezzo, where the “plain pie walks tall.”

Noted Lewis, “Julia Child once said, ‘You can always judge the quality of a cook or a restaurant by roast chicken.’ Well, I say,  'You can always judge the quality of a pizza maker or a pizzeria by a plain pie.’ Leave toppings aside for the moment: Before you can run, you first have to know how to walk. At Vezzo, a cozy dine-in, brick-walled Murray Hill corner eatery, its plain pie is a paper-thin crunchy crust, a slick of marinara and a layer of melted, stringy cheese twice the thickness of the crust.

"Vezzo’s best deal (to my taste) is a lunch special which includes a nine-inch individual plain pie (yielding six slices!), a small side salad—which is a misnomer; fresh greens brim with olives, mushrooms, grape tomatoes and a crown of slivered onions—and a beverage (cranberry juice is my choice), all for $10. Should you want to build your own pie with the plain pie as the foundation, toppings to add for an additional cost include pineapple, arugula, farm chorizo, truffle oil, sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto di Parma and the list goes on.”

He also likes nearby Dover Street Market, key for cutting-edge men’s and women’s clothing. 

• Joni Sweet is a fan of the “colliding of Cajun food and classic NYC pizza” at Two Boots.

“Slices are named after dark, quirky characters from pop culture, like the Tony Clifton [a character created by the comedian Andy Kaufman] with shiitake mushrooms, Vidalia onions, sweet red pepper pesto and mozzarella on a crispy, cornmeal-dusted crust,” Sweet said.

Afterward, she might head to Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre East for an improv comedy show. 

• Lorraine Rubio likes the “inventive ingredient combos like carrots, cremini mushrooms and parsley mint pesto” at 00+Co.

“I know cheese and meat are considered sacred to a savory New York pie, but its innovative pizzas keep me coming back for more.” 

After enjoying her vegan feast, she often visits the International Center of Photography’s new museum.  

Tomato basil pizza, OO+O Co., New York, New York
Tomato basil pizza at OO+O Co. (©Lindsay Byron)

• Katie Labovitz likes what Carve has to offer and has a favorite. 

“While all of the pizza at Carve looks delicious, I always get a slice of either barbecue chicken—chunks of sautéed chicken with barbecue sauce—or the breaded chicken/broccoli pizza," Labovitz said. "My friends make fun of me, but I pick off all the chicken—one piece at a time—and eat that before I eat the rest of the pizza. I like Carve’s pizza because it’s a thicker thin-style pizza and has the kind of crust that is both crisp and chewy. You can definitely fold this pizza in half, but its got some mass to it. I’ve never had an over- or under-cooked slice from Carve in the 11 years I’ve been going there. The location is convenient to pretty much every Broadway theater and I know one slice will fill me up so I won’t get hungry during the show. Truth be told, sometimes I’ll get a black & white cookie or one of Carve’s amazing brownies, too (either before or after a show), but it’s the pizza that keeps me coming back.”