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WoodSpoon Delivers New York Chefs

The home delivery service brings fantastic home chef cuisine straight to your door.

If the pandemic brought nothing else, it created opportunities for home artisans everywhere. With millions of Americans utilizing delivery for everything from toilet paper to gourmet meals, new delivery services of all kinds came out of the woodwork to service every set of dining needs. 

Home Chefs Come to You With Woodspoon

Woodspoon connects home chefs with local customers in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens), Philadelphia and New Jersey. “What makes WoodSpoon unique is the fact that it offers such a wide variety of homestyle meals from over 300 chefs, allowing our customers to enjoy home-cooked meals from their homeland and give the chefs an opportunity to share their craft with the world and flourish in their own business,” Merav Kalish Rozengarten, Co-Founder and CMO of WoodSpoon explained.  

Dish By Home Chef Kevin Martinez New York | WHERE Traveler®
Dish By Home Chef Kevin Martinez (Courtesy WoodSpoon)

While many home delivery apps offer upscale options, few allow home chefs a chance to genuinely pursue opportunities while also ensuring quality control. “WoodSpoon receives hundreds of applications from chefs that wish to join the platform every month,” Rozengarten told us. “They then face a strict screening process and a kitchen inspection. A lot of our home Chefs do work full time at WoodSpoon.”

The concept was born from a gap in the market. The co-founders Merav Kalish Rozengarten and Oren Saar couldn’t find their favorite meals available for delivery, so they created a platform that enabled them to do so. Now, countless customers can access their favorite foods while supporting the local culinary community. The variety of home chefs also cater to various dietary restrictions and needs, and the response has been great. “We have gotten both very positive responses to WoodSpoon from both the diner and the home chef sides,” Rozengarten told us. “Our home chefs enjoy the platform because it gives them an opportunity to sell their food and grow their business without opening a restaurant, freedom to work on their own schedule and create their own menu. The diners love the variety of unique dishes that are delivered hot and ready to eat. Regular customers order daily or at least five times per week.” 

Dish By Home Chef Esther Saad New York | WHERE Traveler®
Dish By Home Chef Esther Saad (Courtesy WoodSpoon)