Where to Find Stuffed Ice Cream in NYC

Combining donuts and ice cream might be a match made in heaven.

The next generation of sweet treats are being doled out in New York City’s East Village.

Since July 30, donut lovers and ice cream lovers have been united as one at Stuffed Ice Cream, where artisanal ice cream flavors are sandwiched between halves of warmly toasted, glazed donuts. 

Called "Cruffs," these signature concoctions come with names like "The Mint Monster," "Unicorn Poop" and "Matcha-Ma-Call-It," with toppings that include Oreos, Cap'n Crunch or Fruity Pebbles and the usual suspects found in an ice cream shop.

"We are combining everyone's guilty pleasure of donuts and ice cream into the ultimate dessert sandwich," said Stuffed Ice Cream co-owner Alan Yaung. "More and more people are beginning to find out about us through social media and the support has been fantastic." 

Ice cream in a donut cone