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New York City's Best Latin Flavors

The best South and Central American eateries in NYC.

In a melting pot like New York City, residents and visitors can enjoy some of the most diverse cuisines in the world. The Latin American food scene is robust in every borough, so you never have to go far for the best grub. Visit these restaurants to sate your palate.

Llama Inn

If you're looking for world-class Peruvian cuisine, look no further than Llama Inn in Williamsburg. Since 2015, this has been a date night and celebratory hot spot because it's on the pricier side of the equation. The large influx of Asian immigrants heavily influences Peruvian culture and food in the mid-19th century, and the menu here reflects that. Start with the crispy pig's tails in soy or keep it green with the bok choy with huacatay, sunflower seeds, and grapes. The classic Peruvian dish, lomo saltado, gets a glow-up with avocado, scallion pancake and rocoto crema. Check out the cocktail list to try pisco, the national spirit of Peru.

La Roja De Todos

Taste the authentic flavors of Chile at La Roja De Todos in Queens. Chile's extra-long Pacific coastline means there is always delicious seafood around. Start with the seafood ceviche for a fresh and citrusy taste of the sea. The cheese empanadas are a delightful gooey snack for small children. The baked fish with shrimp is simply prepared and enforces how deeply satisfying basic, clean flavors can be. The "Paila Marina" (seafood paella) is packed with shellfish and perfectly cooked rice. 

Seafood Paella | WhereTraveler
Seafood Paella (©Douglas Lopez)

I Love Paraguay

I Love Paraguay isn't just the name of this restaurant; it's the honest feelings of the owners and operators who consider themselves ambassadors to their ancestral home. The simple, traditional fare is made with great care in a family-friendly atmosphere. There are nine different empanadas on the menu. Vegetarian fillings include hearts of palm and cheese, corn and cheese or spinach and cheese, and meat-eaters can enjoy beef and egg, ham and cheese or even the sweet and savory "Chilena" with beef, eggs, raisins and olives.

Arepa Lady

There are few restaurants more locally beloved than Arepa Lady. From humble roots as a food cart, Arepa Lady now has a physical storefront in Jackson Heights. For the unfamiliar, arepas are made from unleavened corn dought and then topped with all manner of things. This Columbian favorite is served both at home and on the go. Get the classic "Arepa de Choclo" (corn) and fill it with cheese, sirloin, mixed meats, chicharrones and more. There are three other styles of arepas that you can opt to have filled with similar goodness.

Arepas | WhereTraveler
Arepas (©Leia Issa)

Beija Flor

Beija Flor is the place to soak in the vibrancy of Brazilian culture and cuisine. Long Island City, Queens, is only 10 minutes from Midtown, making it a convenient spot for dinner any night of the week. This menu is filled with thick cuts of meat and delicious seafood options. The grilled top sirloin is served to sizzle with rice and beans or prepare with mustard sauce, smashed yucca and collards. The traditional moqueca is a hearty fish and shrimp stew that gets its levity from coconut milk. 

Buenos Aires

Argentinians love their meat, so if you're looking for a juicy cut, head to Buenos Aires in the East Village. The exposed brick walls and gentle lighting create a cozy atmosphere to enjoy the spoils of the grill with friends. All of the grilled entrees are imported from Argentina and 100% antibiotic and hormone-free. There are various steaks (both bone-in and boneless to choose from), including ribeyes, loins, skirt, porterhouse and t-bones. If you're a vegetarian, fear not. There are plenty of salads, seafood and vegetarian appetizers large enough to make it a meal. 

Steak Carving | WhereTraveler
Steak Carving (©Jose Ignacio)