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New York City's Best Fine Dining

If you’re in search of the most opulent dining options in NYC, look no further.

Frank Sinatra knew what he was singing about when he first sang the lyrics, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere “some 40 or so years ago because today, living in New York comes with a steep price tag. As one of the most expensive states to live in the United States, it is no wonder we are also home to the most luxurious restaurants in the world.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are milestones in life that simply call for celebrations that involve the best dining experiences money can buy, and New Yorkers aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Not celebrating a special occasion? don't worry—these fine dining establishments are fantastic for any night.

Fine Dining in NYC

Food aficionados, start spreading the news. The city of New York features an array of dazzling dining destinations where the guest experience is paramount, menus are elegant, and each dish is created with impeccable execution. Brush up on the proper utensils to use, check the dress code, be mindful of your posture and get that pinkie up for some fine dining service. We’re about to get fancy in these fine dining restaurants.



Daniel is located at 65th Street at Park Avenue. It is owned by Chef Daniel Boulud and serves French cuisine. There is a seven-course prix fixe tasting menu priced at $275. The menu includes “Wild Scottish Pheasant,” “White Truffle Scented Consomme,” “Montauk Black Sea Bass,” and “Highland Farm Venison.” A vegetarian tasting menu is also available.

Daniel has received many accolades for its world-class cuisine. Chef Daniel was recently awarded the title “Best Restaurateur of the Year” by Les Grandes Tables du Monde, an association of global restaurants based in France. Additional restaurant accolades include three stars from the New York Times, two Michelin Stars, outstanding service and outstanding restaurant awards from James Beard. 

Dining Room at Daniel New York City | WhereTraveler
Dining Room at Daniel (©Thomas Schauer)


Few restaurants earn a Michelin star in their first year, but Vestry in Soho can boast that accomplishment. A meal at Vestry is anything but ordinary, with a menu that frequently changes to reflect the seasons and freshest ingredients.

If you’re in the mood to taste a variety of items, there are numerous small plates sure to please your palate—you’ll find locally-sourced produce and seafood on the menu along with caviar and delightful desserts.

Try out menu favorites like the “Oyster Crisp,” “Tuna Toast,” “Nova Scotia Halibut,” “Carnaroli Rice Risotto” and “Vestry Mallomar.” Don’t forget to complete your meal with one of Vestry’s classic cocktails for a true culinary experience (“The Silver Bee” and “Paper Plane” are especially perfect this time of year). 

Vestry Dining Room Interior New York City | WhereTraveler
Vestry Dining Room Interior (Courtesy Vestry)



Masa opened in 2004 by Chef Masa Takayama, and since then, the restaurant has served world-class sushi. It is regarded as one of the most expensive restaurants in New York and the world. The sushi bar alone is made with a rare piece of Hinoki wood from Japan with a price tag of more than $250,000.

The “Hinoki Counter Experience” runs for $800 per person, not including beverages and tax. The Experience includes guaranteed seating at the sushi counter and their signature A5 Wagyu Ohmi Beef Tataki.

The menu offerings are Omakase (no menu), with prices starting at $650 per person, not including beverages or tax. Chef Masa prepares the dishes himself, often including unique ingredients like Omi beef and fish flown in from Japan. 

Reservations for the restaurant, located at the Time Warner Center, should be made weeks before your intended visit. There are only 26 seats in the entire restaurant, with lunch and dinner served within a four-hour window.

Salmon Nigiri | WhereTraveler
Salmon Nigiri (©Luc Bercoth)

Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin is a French seafood restaurant in Manhattan. It was established by siblings Gilbert Le Coze and Maguy Le Coze in Paris in 1972. Due to Gilbert’s untimely death, Eric Ripert replaced him as the chef and has worked with Maguy ever since. Ripert may look familiar as he was a close friend of the late Anthony Bourdain, and the two were often seen together. 

The restaurant’s dining area is lavish, with plush carpet and walls adorned with art pieces. There are approximately eight different food items, including caviar, langoustine, lobster and dessert. The “Chef’s Tasting Menu” is priced from $280 - $430 per person, depending on the wine pairing.

There is also a “Vegetarian Tasting” for the same price but includes meatless dishes. Dinner is a prix fixe with four courses at $185. It is broken down into three categories to establish how the dish is cooked: “Almost Raw,” “Barely Touched,” and “Lightly Cooked.”