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New York City's Best Chocolates

The best sweet spots for chocolate in NYC.

We love the classic love story. Girl meets chocolate and lives happily ever after. Yes, it is that easy. Very few can resist the charm of a decadent, creamy piece of chocolate and nothing says love quite like a box of chocolate.

Discover the Best Chocolate in NYC

If you have secretly desired to take a swim in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, you have come to the right place. New York has an abundance of chocolatiers turning out chocolate bonbons, truffles and pralines. Here are the sweet deets. 

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

The first L.A. Burdick Homemade Chocolates location opened in New York City in 1987. Only the best ingredients are used made from cocoa beans from Switzerland, France and Venezuela. Although they have a vast selection of chocolate, one of the most popular is the “Chocolate Mice.” Yes, mice! The award-winning chocolate mice have been L.A. Burdick’s signature chocolate for more than 30 years. Each mouse is handcrafted, which involves a 12 step process over three days to create. Because there is no mold used for the mice, each has its own personality, with no two looking the same. The mice are available in white, dark and milk chocolate variations. We love the “White Chocolate Mouse” made with dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon and port wine. While you are here, try the “Drinking Chocolates” because they are love in a cup. The hot chocolate is essentially chocolate shavings melted to create the decadent drink. Yes, please.

Max Brenner New York

Forget happy hour meetups at the local watering hole; this chocolate bar is where you want to be. The smell of chocolate is intoxicating when you walk into Max Brenner New York, and the menu selection is a chocolate lover’s dream. There are cocktails made with chocolate like the “Iconic Chocolate Martini” and the “White Chocolate Russian.” Regular and spiked milkshakes are available, as well as waffles and ice cream, all with chocolate! If all of this is not enough, try the “Chocolate Chunks Pizza.” You’ll thank us for ordering the works. The slice of heaven includes melted milk and white chocolate chunks, peanut butter, hazelnut bits and bananas. If you are one of the rare ones who can actually share their chocolate, indulge in the ultimate fondue experience. The “Sharing Fondue” is the perfect sampling of Max Brenner’s signature desserts, including the chocolate cheesecake crepe, after-party waffle and melting chocolate heart cake, all available for dipping in your choice of milk, white or dark chocolate fondue.

MarieBelle New York

We love MarieBelle New York because the shop is in a chocolatey, New York state of mind. They have a chocolate collection that pays homage to New York. In the collection is the “Aztec Hot Chocolate,” which was once featured on Oprah Winfrey’s list of “favorite things.” The packaging in this entire collection is elegant and unique. The ten-ounce cylinder container has a whimsical drawing of New York, making this collection perfect as gift items. The “New York and Classic Lunchbox” both are packaged in an actual lunchbox adorned with a New York-inspired design and contain packets of hot chocolate and chocolate bars. Boxes of chocolate are also available with iconic images on each piece from across New York and Brooklyn, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway and Wall Street.

Stick With Me 

We are stuck on Stick With Me’s widely popular bonbons. The team of chocolatiers makes each chocolate confection by hand, working in small batches to create the perfect treat. The bonbons are hand-shelled and take three days to develop. Each mold is polished individually to ensure they retain their beautiful shine. Each looks like a work of art, almost too pretty to eat. They are packaged in boxes shaped like a book and one you possibly never want to put down. There are over 20 uniquely flavored bonbons that regularly rotate on the menu. They are available in white, milk and dark chocolate with current flavors, which include the “Kalamansi Meringue Pie,” “Pb & Jelly,” and the “Bourbon Maple Pecan.” Bonbon book boxes come in a selection of 6, 12, 24 and 54 pieces.

La Maison Du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat is known worldwide for its delightful and decadent chocolate creations. Founded in Paris in 1977, ll chocolates here are made by hand in La Maison’s Atelier in the outskirts of Paris. An array of beautiful chocolate can be found, including truffles, ganaches and pralines. If you are looking for chocolate pastries, you will find a sumptuous selection of eclairs and macarons. We recommend the “Coffret Maison Dark and Milk Chocolate” box that features 24 pieces of ganache and praline in dark and milk chocolate.