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New York City Guide: Fun in Fort George

Spend a day in the sun in this neighborhood

When you step into Fort George, you’ll enter a world far away from the rest of New York City. This neighborhood near Washington Heights is close to nature, making you want to stay outside for your entire visit. It’s one of the northernmost points in the city, so you’ll feel on top of the world while you walk through it. Wherever you go in Fort George, there’s a park, river or restaurant that’s waiting to be explored.

Exploring Fort George in New York City


Fort George hosts a variety of restaurants throughout the city. You can find indoor and outdoor seating at each one, so you have your choice of eating on a sunny day or enjoying your meal indoors. They offer meals from around the world such as Italian, Irish or classic American.

Most of all, their restaurants always want to make sure you’re comfortable while you eat. You won’t find any fancy frills here, but you’ll have some of the best comfort food in the city.

  • Cami, 4325 Broadway, 917.733.2819
  • Saggio, 827 W. 181st St., 212.795.3080
  • Le Chéile, 839 W. 181st St., 212.740.3111 
Fish a Chips From Le Cheile New York | WhereTraveler
Fish a Chips From Le Cheile (©Gabi Porter)


Nature is a significant factor in what makes Fort George special. The neighborhood is bordered by several parks that are full of stunning landmarks. Their grounds are filled with plants and animals native to the area, and they offer plenty of activities that will keep you moving. You can take a rowing class at Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse, get a view of the Hudson River at Inspiration Point or enjoy Medieval art at The Met Cloisters. 

The Met Cloisters New York | WhereTraveler
The Met Cloisters (©Noriely Fernandez)


Fort George is ready to treat all of your needs, and that includes drinks. There are several bars throughout the neighborhood, and some are even located inside the parks! They all have a relaxed, casual atmosphere, so you’re sure to find a place that will help you unwind with a beer, wine or some classic cocktails. Many of them offer themed drinks that you can only find in Fort George, and they’re each made with some of the sweetest tastes in the city.

Craft Cocktail From Tryon Public House New York | WhereTraveler
Craft Cocktail From Tryon Public House (©Abe Bucay)


Fort George loves the fashion scene, and their stores can help you find the latest outfit. Most of their shops are clothing stores, but they cater to men and women alike. You can wear stylish outfits for walking around the city streets, or you can buy a new set of pajamas to feel cozy at home. Many of the clothes they sell are themed with New York City designs and trends, so you can take a piece of the city with you when you wear them.

Shirts From Taller Peralta New York | WhereTraveler
Shirts From Taller Peralta (Courtesy Peralta Project)