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Inside The Landing in New York City

We chatted with David Morton about DMK’s new hotspot, The Landing at PENN1.

New restaurant concepts are always fun and exciting, and NYC sure has plenty of fantastic dining options. The Landing recently opened at PENN1. Alongside its grab-and-go sister Office Hours, the restaurant operates as a social hub for the building, offering meals throughout the day and the perfect location for after-work drinks and conversation.

We talked with David Morton (if you’re a fan of steakhouses, the name is sure to be familiar since “Morton” is pretty synonymous with steaks in the restaurant industry) about the new restaurant from DMK and what diners can expect from the innovative new space.

A Look at The Landing With David Morton

WT: How would you describe The Landing?
Morton: The Landing is a multifaceted dining experience serving as the center of PENN 1 for dining, working, meeting, and socializing. The Landing emulates both comfort and sophistication, coalescing state-of-the-art architectural elements with DMK’s award-winning service and lively music.

Nestled inside the 150-seat restaurant are two private dining spaces, each designed to host meetings, presentations, social gatherings, and special occasions. With a menu focused on variety and excitement, guests can always expect the unexpected.

WT: What makes The Landing different from other DMK locations?
Morton: The Landing offers many unique features, including a private conference room catering for our neighbors at Industrious, digital ordering options for the balcony section of the space, which gives guests the luxury of being waited on while working, and a level of bespoke architectural details and finishes to rival the finest venues.  

WT: Are there any menu items you have brought in from some of the other restaurants in the DMK portfolio? 
Morton: While some items were influenced by dishes that are popular in other markets, everything was created specifically for The Landing and Office Hours.  

WT: Is there any part of the restaurant that holds a more special place in your heart?
Morton: DMK’s expansion to New York City has been such a dream come true - carving out a space in such an expansive market has been incredibly rewarding.

WT: What is your favorite item on the menu?  
Morton: I love our salads paired with the protein options we offer -- our house-made dressings coupled with the produce that we bring in from a co-op of 120 regional farms make for a refreshing and fulfilling dish.